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Is Obama's War-Powers Shift Hypocrisy, Or Inevitable For A President?

Despite his liberal bona fides and campaign objections, President Obama's foreign policy decisions look very much like those of his predecessors.

One Former Marine Documents His Return To A Broken Iraq

A decade ago, Benjamin Busch was the provisional U.S. military mayor of a town called Jassan, near the Iranian border. On his recent return, he found a far different, sadder, more frustrated place.

To Become Oil Barons, ISIS Has Sold To Neighbors And Enemies

Existing black-market structures have helped the Islamic State convert oil into cash - and their customers have included their ardent foes across borders in Turkey and Southern Iraq.

Progress In Nuclear Talks With Iran Is Still Glacial

One expert says that the negotiators in the room are inclined to move faster, but the deeply opposed domestic constituencies leave both sides skittish.

Catalonia Defies Spain As Leader Signs Decree For Breakaway Vote

Catalonia's leader has set a November date for a vote on whether the northeast region of Spain should become independent. Spain's central government has said it will block the vote.

India Zooms To Mars Much More Cheaply, But With Trade-Offs

A U.S. probe cost $637 million to get to Mars; an Indian mission cost about a tenth as much. There are at least a few reasons why, both teams agree — starting with the differing shapes of each orbit.

Denying Ebola Turns Out To Be A Very Human Response

There's a long tradition of denial, superstition and wishful thinking when it comes to health. Ebola is no exception. It's all too human to let fear interfere with facts.

Culinary Diplomacy Takes Texan Chef To The Land Of Grilled Yak

Is food the oldest instrument of diplomacy? The U.S. State Department just sent award-winning chef Tim Byres to Kyrgyzstan, where he ate a sheep's eye and wowed his hosts with Texan spices.
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Poll: Most Virginia Voters Approve Of Strikes In Iraq And Syria

A new statewide survey from the Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University shows 63 percent of voters approve of the strikes against the Islamic State.

As The Ebola Outbreak Worsens, A Book About Compassion

This week, the CDC predicted there could be tens of thousands of Ebola cases if the disease is not controlled soon. Author Alaya Dawn Johnson turns to a favorite novel for wisdom amid this epidemic.