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Minnesota Trial Offers Window On Jihadi Pipeline

Several years ago, young Somali immigrants living in the Minneapolis area were disappearing. They later resurfaced in Somalia, where they joined a terrorist group called al-Shabab. Now some are back in Minnesota and are testifying against a man accused of recruiting them.

American Troops In Jordan Keeping An Eye On Syria

A small number of American troops are on the ground in Jordan, next door to Syria. The troops could be called on to perform critical missions in response to the fighting inside Syria. Possible missions include providing humanitarian relief and helping to secure Syria's chemical weapons.

Irish Bill Could Prevent Thousands Of Foreclosures

Robert Siegel talks with Charlie Weston, personal finance editor at The Irish Independent in Dublin, about Ireland's "Personal Insolvency Bill." The law, likely to pass later this year, would potentially prevent a wave of foreclosures across the country by, in part, forgiving some of the money that borrowers owe to banks.

'Human Hamster Wheel' Sinks; Here's Video Of How It Used To Work

It's been a tough week for daredevils. Felix Baumgartner had to postpone his bid to break the speed of sound during a skydive. Chris Todd had to give up his hamster-wheeling walk across the Irish Sea. His machine sank.

Sharp Criticism, Some Words In Defense At Hearing On Benghazi Attack

Diplomatic security was weak, a former commander of the "site security team" tells Congress. A State Department security aide, though, says "the system we had in place was regularly tested and appeared to work as planned."

Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails: Smoking Hot Trend Or Unnecessary Risk?

The latest victim injured by a liquid nitrogen cocktail had to have parts of her stomach removed. Yet some in the bar business say the substance is safe when used properly. What do you think? Take our survey.

Better To Elect Islamists Than Have Dictators?

Leadership shake-ups across the Arab world have not necessarily made things better for everyone, particularly the United States. Islamists have been voted into power, but is this a better scenario than having dictators faithful to U.S. interests? It's up for debate at Intelligence Squared U.S.

Member Of Russia's Pussy Riot Freed; Two Others Remain In Jail

Two of the three political punk rockers will serve the remainder of their two-year terms for "hooliganism."