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Egypt's Military Reasserts Its Enduring Power

Egypt's military has played a dominant role in the country since a 1952 military coup. The military reasserted its power as it staged a coup on Wednesday.

The Hopeful Arab Spring Turns Into A Roiling Arab Summer

None of the Arab uprisings of 2011 has yet produced a stable, democratic nation. The crisis in Egypt and the civil war in Syria reflect the turmoil in the region, while Tunisia can point to some political progress.

As Mandela Lies In Hospital, Family Fights Over Kin's Graves

A grandson moved the remains of three of Mandela's children. Other relatives sued. Now, a court has ordered that the remains be returned to their original burial site. And criminal charges have been prepared against the grandson.

In Israel, Unearthing A Bed Of Flowers For Eternal Rest

An archaeological dig at Mount Carmel in Israel has turned up what may be the oldest evidence of humans using flowers when burying their dead. By about 12,000 years ago, researchers have found, some dead would have been buried in a flower-lined grave in a small cemetery.

Short Bar Asks Tall Customer To Stay Away During Busy Hours

The owner of the Nutshell Pub asked customer Adam Thurkette if he'd mind staying away during busy hours. Adam is 6 foot 7. And the Nutshell is reportedly Britain's smallest pub — 15 feet by 7 feet. The owner says Adam takes up too much room.

Egypt's President Morsi Is No Longer In Power, Military Says

Military chief Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi says that Mohammed Morsi is out as president and the country's constitution has been suspended. Egypt's chief justice will hold power during the transitional period and set a date for early presidential elections.

Investors Turn Away From Emerging Markets

There has been a shift in recent week and global investors have been pulling their money from emerging markets. To find out the reason, Renee Montagne talks to David Wessel, economics editor for The Wall Street Journal.

Showdown Between Egypt's President And Army Counts Down

The 48-hour deadline Egypt's army imposed on the president to compromise with his opponents or face a military roadmap ends on Wednesday. Egypt's generals have said they will impose their own road map for ending the unrest if President Morsi can't or won't.

Egypt's Military Threatens To Oust President Morsi

President Mohammed Morsi must compromise with his opponents Wednesday or face the generals laying out their plan for governance. Egyptians are so angered by their poor economy and what they fear is Morsi's drive for unchecked power that many are receptive to the prospect of a military coup.

Pakistan Feels Pressure To Make Peace With Islamist Militants

As their neighbors, the Afghans, shuffle distrustfully toward the negotiating table with the Taliban, Pakistanis are wondering what this means for them. Their own wars have already claimed tens of thousands of lives, and continue to yield daily atrocities.