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France Celebrates First Same-Sex Marriage, But Not Everyone Is Happy

Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon speaks with French sociologist Michel Wievorka about the wave of popular opposition in France to gay marriage. This past week, for the first time under the new law allowing gay marriage, two men wed in the city of Montpellier.

Sandwich Throwing: Australian For Protest

Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon takes note of two instances of sandwich throwing aimed at the Australian Prime Minister.

After Years Of War, Ugandan Children Face New Deadly Threat

Uganda has lost one generation to a brutal, decades-long war. Now, a second generation is jeopardized by a strange disease known as nodding syndrome, which affects only children in parts of Africa and has no known cause.

France Sells Presidential Wines To Update Palace Wine Cellar

Some of the finest wines from the cellar of the Elysee presidential palace in France were auctioned off Thursday and Friday. Proceeds from the auction will be used to reinvest in more modest wines from up-and-coming young wine growers.

U.S., Russia At Odds Over Moscow's Plan To Arm Syria

Russia's talk of sending advanced surface-to-air missiles and fighter jets to Syria has increased tensions between Washington and Moscow.

Turkish Police, Anti-Government Protesters Clash

What started out as a peaceful sit-in against redevelopment plans for a park in Istanbul has erupted into wider political protests.

Top Khmer Rouge Leaders Apologize For Regime's Atrocities

Nuon Chea, the number two leader in the genocidal Cambodian regime, and head of state Khieu Samphan, say they regret the killings of the 1970s.