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Pope's Propensity For Shaking Things Up Makes Him Man Of The Year

Time magazine has named Pope Francis as its Person of the Year. The magazine cited Francis' willingness to take on thorny issues such as homosexuality, the role of women in the church, poverty and the nature of capitalism. At the same time, the pontiff has done so while projecting an air of humility and compassion, which has captured the world's attention in just nine months.

Nelson Mandela Lies In State In Pretoria Before Sunday Burial

South Africans were given a chance to say farewell to Nelson Mandela in Pretoria, where his body will be lying in state until Friday. He will be buried on Sunday in his home village of Qunu.

We Found This 20-Year-Old T-Shirt In Kenya. The Internet Found The Original Owner

Clothes donated to charity in the U.S. often wind up for sale in African markets. Here's the story of one shirt that started out at a bat mitzvah in Michigan and wound up in a market in Nairobi.

Mystery Bidder At French Auction Plans To Return Sacred Hopi Items

Twenty-four items sold for $530,000 this week in Paris. The Los Angeles-based Annenberg Foundation turned out to be the buyer, and says it stepped in after a French court rejected efforts to halt the auction.

Is Pope Francis Really 'The People's Pope'?

Time magazine has named Pope Francis its Person of the Year, calling him "The People's Pope." Francis has called on the Roman Catholic Church leadership to emphasize compassion and prioritize caring for the poor. Host Michel Martin speaks to a panel of Catholic leaders to hear their thoughts on Pope Francis.

Who Is The Next Mandela?

As Nelson Mandela is laid to rest, guest host Celeste Headlee asks if there's another activist who might galvanize the world in the same way. She speaks with Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times and Human Rights First's Brian Dooley.

U.S. Suspends Some Aid To Syrian Rebels

The U.S. is suspending non-lethal aid because of infighting among the various factions opposed to President Bashar Assad. The rebel Free Syrian Army, which has lost ground in recent days to an Islamist group, criticized the decision. the U.K. also has reportedly decided to halt aid.

'Fake' Sign Language Interpreter Marred Mandela Memorial

As a man stood next to President Obama and other world leaders at Tuesday's memorial service for Nelson Mandela he only pretended to do sign language, many in the deaf community say.

India's Supreme Court Restores Ban On Gay Sex

The court said only Parliament can change the colonial-era law. The decision, which reverses a landmark lower court ruling that decriminalized homosexual acts, is being called a major setback to gay rights in the country.

Pope Francis Is Person Of The Year, 'Time' Says

The new pope has pulled the papacy "out of the palace and into the streets," Time says. The 2013 runner-up is NSA leaker Edward Snowden. Was Francis the right choice?