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The Philippines' Geography Makes Aid Response Difficult

Robert Siegel talks to Richard Brennan, World Health Organization director of emergency risk management and humanitarian response, about the geographic challenges of sending humanitarian aid to Typhoon Haiyan victims.

At Tacloban Airport, Aid Workers Arrive As Residents Try To Leave

The town of Tacloban on the island of Leyte in the Philippines was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. The scene at the airport there was chaotic as the Philippine and U.S. military delivered food and aid workers and residents rushed to board planes headed back to less-damaged Manila .

World Anti-Doping Leader: Armstrong Needs 'Miracle' To Return

The cyclist who was stripped of his Tour de France titles after years of cheating were uncovered says he would testify with "100 percent transparency and honesty" if he is treated fairly, the BBC reported Monday.

Nigerian Pirates Free Kidnapped U.S. Mariners

The captain and engineer from the U.S.-flagged C-Retriever, a 222-foot offshore resupply, were abducted on Oct. 23 when gunman boarded the vessel.

China's Leaders Unveil Economic Reforms

At the end of the four-day Third Plenum meeting, Communist Party leaders said that state ownership would continue to play a key role in the economy, but endorsed more private ownership.

Do For-Profit Schools Give Poor Kenyans A Real Choice?

American entrepreneurs in Kenya are attempting to fundamentally transform education for some of the poorest kids in the world — while making a profit. Classes are large, and lessons are standardized. Some education leaders worry that private, for-profit schools undermine struggling public education systems.

After Typhoon Tore Through, People 'Were Left On Their Own'

Filipino TV reporter David Santos describes what it was like to ride out Typhoon Haiyan and then to see the devastation. In the area where he was, Santos says, law and order quickly broke down.

Women Fare Worse In Egypt Than Any Arab State: Survey

Citing high rates of sexual harassment and female genital mutilation, a new survey finds that women in Egypt face the worst treatment in the Arab world. Other countries with high levels of unrest — Iraq and Syria — are also among the worst for women, according to a new survey.

Can The Philippines Save Itself From Typhoons?

With thousands of islands in the warm waters of the Pacific, the Philippines are destined to face angry tropical storms year after year. The country is better prepared than in the past, but could perhaps learn lessons of countries like India and Cuba that have made major progress in coping with potential disasters.

Mexican Officials Say Former Texas Cop Led Kidnap Ring

According to Mexican law enforcement officials, a 32-year-old man who served in the U.S. military and as a police officer in Texas led a 16-member gang that's blamed for several violent crimes. He and other suspected gang members were arrested last month.