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Violent Street Clashes In Bangladesh Leave Dozens Dead

The unrest came after a court handed down a death sentence to an Islamist leader for his role in the 1971 war that led to Bangladesh's independence from Pakistan. Dozens are reported dead.

Delays, Problems Plague Berlin's New Airport

The new Berlin International Airport was scheduled to open for business in October 2011, but they missed that deadline. Trouble with safety equipment caused delays. But one system is working: All the airport lights are on. Work crews, however, can't seem to turn the lights off.

China's Broadcast Of Drug Lord's Final Hours Sparks Controversy

The lead-up to the execution of Naw Kham and three accomplices accused of murdering 13 Chinese sailors in 2011 is carried live on national television.

As Cardinals Vet Possible Popes, Names May Emerge

The cardinals who will choose the next pope want to be sure there's "absolutely no scandal connected to him," says NPR's Cokie Roberts. So, they will be digging into the potential popes' backgrounds. During that vetting, some leaks may occur.

Without A Pope, Cardinals Are Running The Vatican

The Vatican is now under the control of the cardinals who will elect a new leader of the Catholic Church. On Thursday, Pope Benedict gave up his ring, cape and red papal shoes and became pope emeritus.

New Afghan Challenge For U.S.: Shipping Stuff Out

The military has to pack up more than 11 years worth of equipment and send it home. The number of containers to move is in the six figures, and some question whether everything can be shipped out by the end of 2014.