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Declassified Documents Shed Light On Camp David Peace Talks

The CIA recently declassified hundreds of pages of documents detailing the behind-the-scenes drama at the historic 1978 Camp David peace negotiations between Israel and Egypt. Renee Montagne talks to a scholar of those talks, Shibley Telhami, about what the documents reveal.

Talks On Iran's Nuclear Program Try Again For Deal

Negotiators from Iran and six world powers are back in Geneva for another round of talks on Tehran's nuclear program. There are signals that a preliminary deal over the future of Iran's nuclear program may finally be within in reach.

Israelis Disagree On How To Keep Iran From Nuclear Weapons

Israel has been lobbying hard against any agreement with Iran that eases sanctions while allowing Iran to continue enriching nuclear material. Israelis agree Iranians should not be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. But there is a range of views on how to stop them.

In Nigeria's Bloody Fight, Who's Gaining The Upper Hand?

The Nigerian military says it has gained the upper hand in the battle against the country's Islamist extremists. But Boko Haram is still creating havoc outside cities, killing civilians and security forces alike. Last week, the U.S. designated the network a terrorist organization.

Londoners Urged To Cycle, But Commute Can Be Treacherous

The London mayor has been urging people to get around by bike for years. And this year, 14 London cyclists have been killed — a higher casualty count than that of the British military in Afghanistan. In each fatal accident, a heavy truck was involved.

Afghan Elders Will Decide Future Of U.S. Troops After 2014

Some 3,000 Afghan elders will assemble on Thursday in Kabul to consider a new security agreement with the U.S. The document will spell out the rules for American forces in Afghanistan troops after their combat mission ends in December 2014. U.S. officials say between 6,000 and 9,000 US troops would remain to train Afghan security forces and conduct counter-terror missions against al-Qaeda and other anti-government forces. That counter-terror mission remains a sticking point, though most other issues — like potential criminal liability of Americans in Afghanistan — have been resolved.

Death Of British Spy Found Shoved Into Bag Ruled Accidental

In 2010, British spy Gareth Williams was found dead, naked, and stuffed inside a duffel bag in his bathtub. Although a coroner initially suspected foul play, London police have determined that his death was probably an accident. Robert Siegel talks to spy historian Nigel West about the case.

Cautious Optimism As Iran Nuclear Talks Resume

Envoys from Iran and six world powers are set to resume talks in Geneva Wednesday on Iran's suspect nuclear program. Considerable progress was made in the last round on an interim deal that would temporarily freeze Iran's nuclear program while easing some of the international economic sanctions. There are cautious hopes on both sides that the interim deal can be finalized at this session.

One-Fifth Of Norwegians Tune In To Watch Rock Star Chess Champ

Norwegian chess player Magnus Carlsen is competing in the 2013 World Chess Championships. Melissa Block speaks with Joran Jansson, president of the Norwegian Chess Federation, for more on his rise to a number one ranking and what his popularity means for the game of chess.

Beyond The Caricature: 5 Things To Know About Mayor Rob Ford

Since the Toronto mayor admitted to smoking crack, he's been portrayed as a bumbling, error-prone addict, whose everyman persona has helped him maintain his popularity in Canada's most populous city. But we wondered: Who is Rob Ford really?