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Police Say One Arrest Made In Gang Rape Of Photojournalist In India

The young woman was on a photo shoot with a male colleague in south Mumbai when five men allegedly assaulted her.

After Wild Start, Bo Xilai Is Silenced At Corruption Trial

Chinese authorities clamped down on information coming out of the trial, one day after the defendant appeared to run circles around his accusers.

Dentist Aims To Clone Former Beatle John Lennon

A Canadian dentist bought one of John Lennon's molars at auction for $31,000. And now, Michael Zuk plans to use the tooth to clone the former Beatle. The DNA sequencing is already underway.

Obama: Time Frame For Possible Action On Syria Has Shortened

Reports about the use of chemical weapons near Damascus are "very troublesome," the president tells CNN. For the U.S., "core national interests" are now at stake: Syria's weapons of mass destruction must not be allowed to spread. But military action also requires international support, Obama says.

Regulators Monitor 'Serious Leaks' At Japanese Nuclear Plant

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is back in the news — more than two years after an earthquake and tsunami triggered a series of meltdowns. New leaks found this week prompted regulators to consider raising the alert level.

Coach Insists Soccer Can Unite Egyptians

American Bob Bradley says the only thing in Egypt that can unite all Egyptians is soccer. Bradley coaches Egypt's national soccer team. He talks to David Greene about the turmoil in the country, and about his team as it closes in on a spot in next year's World Cup.

China's Big Political Trial Takes A Dramatic Turn

Chinese politician Bo Xilai is in court for a second day — accused of corruption and involvement in an attempted cover-up of his wife's murder of a British businessman. The trial opened on Thursday, and Bo put up a fierce defense. But on the second day, it appears he has been silenced.

Mubarak's Release From Prison Cuts Across Egypt's Divisions

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was released from prison on Thursday. He is under house arrest at a military hospital in Cairo. A court ordered his release this week, but Mubarak could go back to prison if he's convicted in the deaths of protesters during the 2011 uprising against him.

Week In Review: The Latest On Egypt And Syria

Renee Montagne looks back on the tumultuous events in the Middle East this week with analyst Shadi Hamid of the Brookings Center in Doha. They discuss the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria and Hosni Mubarak's release from prison in Egypt.

Wal-Mart Promises To Buy More U.S.-Made Goods

After decades supplying the American consumer with every import imaginable, Wal-Mart now says it wants to stock its shelves with more goods made in the U.S. In Orlando Thursday, the giant retailer sponsored a conference aimed at encouraging U.S. companies to bring their production back home.