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New Evidence Re-Opens Britain's 'Plebe-Gate' Scandal

A year ago, a conservative British cabinet minister was forced to step down after being publicly excoriated for dismissing a pair of police officers as 'plebes', or commoners. Now, a new version of events is beginning to emerge.

100 Days To The Sochi Olympics: Some Key Things To Know

The Winter Olympics are just over three months away and have already given rise to some superlatives: most expensive (at more than $50 billion), most heavily guarded and, potentially, most controversial. Is Russia ready? We answer some key questions.

U.S. Did Not Spy On French, Spanish Citizens, Says Spy Chief

Gen. Keith Alexander also said the information was collected in conjunction with European governments.

U.N. Condemns U.S. Embargo Of Cuba, Again

In a vote that has become something of a tradition, only one country in the U.N. General Assembly agreed with the United States that its embargo of Cuba should continue. The final count in the vote was 188-2.

Two Kenyan Soldiers Jailed For Looting During Mall Siege

This is a major blow to the military, which was one of the country's most admired organizations.

Woman On Bridge Of Costa Concordia Says She Was Captain's Lover

Prosecutors say the Moldovan dancer's presence on the ship at the time of its crash may have been a distraction to the captain.

3 Charts (And A Few Words) On The Rise Of Electric Bikes

Bicycle sales held steady over a six-year period in the European Union, but sales of electric bikes soared. In places like the Netherlands, electric bikes are already the most important sales segment. Overall sales are still low, but their popularity is growing around the world.

A Japanese iPhone Gadget Teases The Tummy With Food Smells

Scentee draws power from an iPhone to blast you with the smell of hearty meat or lavender. But could the synthetic smell of meat trick your brain into thinking you're eating meat instead of plain rice?
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Goli Taraghi: "The Pomegranate Lady And Her Sons"

Goli Taraghi is a best-selling author in her native Iran whose work has been anthologized around the world. We speak with the author about her life and her work.

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The Future Of Aid To Afghanistan

The last American combat troops are slated to leave Afghanistan in 2014, but the U.S. reconstruction effort will continue. We explore the challenge of delivering aid in Afghanistan after the draw-down.