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Death Of British Spy Found Shoved Into Bag Ruled Accidental

In 2010, British spy Gareth Williams was found dead, naked, and stuffed inside a duffel bag in his bathtub. Although a coroner initially suspected foul play, London police have determined that his death was probably an accident. Robert Siegel talks to spy historian Nigel West about the case.

Cautious Optimism As Iran Nuclear Talks Resume

Envoys from Iran and six world powers are set to resume talks in Geneva Wednesday on Iran's suspect nuclear program. Considerable progress was made in the last round on an interim deal that would temporarily freeze Iran's nuclear program while easing some of the international economic sanctions. There are cautious hopes on both sides that the interim deal can be finalized at this session.

One-Fifth Of Norwegians Tune In To Watch Rock Star Chess Champ

Norwegian chess player Magnus Carlsen is competing in the 2013 World Chess Championships. Melissa Block speaks with Joran Jansson, president of the Norwegian Chess Federation, for more on his rise to a number one ranking and what his popularity means for the game of chess.

Beyond The Caricature: 5 Things To Know About Mayor Rob Ford

Since the Toronto mayor admitted to smoking crack, he's been portrayed as a bumbling, error-prone addict, whose everyman persona has helped him maintain his popularity in Canada's most populous city. But we wondered: Who is Rob Ford really?

How Will Afghan Forces Fare As NATO Troops Draw Down?

The onset of winter in Afghanistan usually means an end to the so-called fighting season. That may not hold this year as the Taliban vow to pursue an aggressive campaign in advance of a presidential election.

Typhoon Haiyan's Exact Death Toll May Never Be Known

veThe storm struck on Nov. 8 and some remote islands have yet to be reached. It's been difficult to get help to some survivors and to account for the dead. As of Tuesday, the official death toll stood at nearly 4,000. Among them were at least 5 Americans.

Landlines, It Turns Out, Aren't Vanishing Everywhere

The number of landlines grew in about two dozen countries, but their growth was explosive in Cambodia, Cameroon and Kiribati, countries that until recently had poor infrastructure. Still, as expected, cellphone numbers were even more impressive.

'Coolie Woman' Rescues Indentured Women From Anonymity

When slavery was outlawed in the Caribbean, indentured servitude took over. Host Michel Martin speaks with author Gauitra Bahadur. Her book Coolie Woman traces her great-grandmother's roots from India to Guyana.

China Eases One Child Policy, What's Next?

After more than three decades, China announced it will ease its one child policy. For more on how the change affects families and the economy, host Michel Martin speaks with writer Jiayang Fan, dad David Youtz and Howard University professor Meirong Liu.

Dominican Republic Official Defends Citizenship Ruling

The Dominican Republic is questioning the citizenship of thousands of Haitians who moved there in the 1930s and their children. Host Michel Martin talks with Leonel Mateo, from the Dominican embassy in Washington D.C., about the controversial ruling.