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Striking Teachers Forced Off Mexico City Plaza

Federal police removed thousands of protesting teachers Friday from the main downtown plaza where they had camped out for weeks. The teachers are angry about a new education law that takes power away from their union.

Syrian Militants Battle For Christian Village

NPR's Deborah Amos brings speaks with host Scott Simon about the war in Syria, including the recent fight for a small Christian town in the hills north of Damascus. The town is under attack by hard-line Islamist militants.

U.S., Russia Reach Agreement On Syria

Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Saturday they have reached an agreement on a framework for Syria to destroy all of its chemical weapons. Michele Kelemen speaks with host Scott Simon.

The Ins And Outs Of Securing Chemical Weapons

What it would take to identify, inventory and destroy Syria's chemical weapons? How can the U.S. tell if Syria is lying, and whether this solution bestows an unintended legitimacy to the Assad regime? Host Scott Simon asks Former United Nations weapons inspector Charles Duelfer.

New Computer School Makes French Students Teach Themselves

The school, simply named 42, requires no high school diploma and no money to apply. It's turning French education on its head, but it may also solve some of the country's most pressing problems.

U.S., Russia Reach Deal On Syrian Chemical Weapons

Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov say they agreed on a framework of "principles" for securing Syrian chemical weapons.

In Syria Debate, Obama's Internal Dialogue Becomes Audible

President Obama's approach to Syria has taken a number of surprising twists and turns in the weeks since a poison gas attack in August. A surprise agreement between Russia and the U.S. on a timetable for destroying Syria's weapons is the latest in what appears at times to be an unscripted drama.

Judge Rules 'Ikea Monkey' To Remain In Animal Sanctuary

In December, the Japanese macaque was found in a Toronto store after escaping from a locked crate in his owner's car.

Off The Tuscan Coast, Raising The Ill-Fated Costa Concordia

Next week, a salvage crew plans to rotate and raise the Costa Concordia cruise ship, in one of the biggest maritime salvage operations ever undertaken. The huge vessel has been partially submerged off Giglio Island since an accident in January 2012 that killed 32 people.

Men Convicted Of Gang Rape, Murder In India Sentenced To Die

The four men convicted of rape and murder in an Indian court were sentenced to death in New Delhi Friday. Last December, the men lured a young woman onto a bus, and then raped and tortured her before throwing her off the vehicle. She died of her injuries two weeks later. The death sentences were greeted with approval by the victim's family, and there have been widespread calls for the men to hang ever since details of their crime became known.