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Human Rights Group Investigates Drone Strikes In Pakistan

Amnesty International released a new report on Tuesday on U.S. drone strikes along Pakistan's chaotic border region with Afghanistan.

Unrest Erupts In Egypt After Attack On Christian Wedding

Christians in Cairo are planning protests a day after an attack on a wedding party left three dead and 18 wounded. The Muslim Brotherhood condemned the attack.

Fugitive Arrest: Former Banking Executive Caught In Italy

Italian police have arrested a former UBS bank executive who is wanted in the United States on charges that he helped wealthy clients evade billions in U.S. taxes. Raoul Weill became a fugitive after a federal grand jury indicted him in 2008.

Indian Police: Crew Member From Detained U.S. Ship Tried Suicide

The chief engineer of the MV Seaman Guard Ohio, one of 35 arrested for allegedly carrying illegal weapons, was reportedly prevented by cellmates from killing himself.

Burundi Genocide Survivor: Running Eases Mind

Twenty years ago today, Burundi's first democratically elected Hutu president was assassinated by Tutsi extremists. It sparked a genocide. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with survivor Gilbert Tuhabonye about how forgiveness — and running — helped him heal.

Britain To Build New Nuclear Plant, Bucking European Trend

The plant, to be built by a French company, would be the first in Britain in 20 years. France and Britain are among the few European nations that are planning an energy future with a strong nuclear component. Across much of the continent, existing plants are being phased out, most notably in Germany.

Syria's Grinding War Takes Toll On Children

Two million Syrian children have been displaced by the war. Many have witnessed violence and experienced trauma that could have life-long consequences. One of the biggest challenges for international aid agencies is healing the invisible scars of the youngest victims.

Hurricane Raymond Strengthens As it Moves Toward Mexico In Pacific

Hurricane Raymond has been upgraded to a Category 3 storm in the Pacific Ocean, as it drifts toward Mexico's southwest coast. Forecasters at the U.S. National Hurricane Center say it could gain strength in the next day or so.

These Cats Are Mules: Kitties Smuggle Goods Into Prisons

Reports are coming in from around the world about drugs, cellphones, tools and other things being strapped to cats who then slip into prison yards. According to the stories, the cats aren't talking.

First Polio Cases Since 1999 Suspected In Syria

Syria used to have one of the highest rates of polio vaccinations in the region. But since the civil war began, rates have plummeted. Now the crippling virus has likely returned to the country, health officials say. Initial tests indicate that polio has paralyzed at least two children.