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Reporter's Notebook: Ofeibea Quist-Arcton On Nigeria

Hundreds of people have been killed in northern Nigeria this year. The violence is blamed on Boko Haram, an extremist group that claims to be fighting against westernization. Host Michel Martin learns more from NPR's Africa correspondent Ofeibea Quist-Arcton, who recently visited the town where Boko Haram was born.

Going On 'The Baby Chase' From Arizona To India

The new book "The Baby Chase" follows an Arizona couple all the way to India and back, in their quest to have a baby. Host Michel Martin is joined by author Leslie Morgan Steiner and Rhonda Wile, a nurse who hired two surrogates in India to have her children.

What Story Would You Like To See From Jerusalem?

NPR's Jerusalem correspondent Emily Harris is asking for your story suggestions on covering Israel and the Palestinian territories.

In Congo's Long-Running War, Rebels Call Off Insurgency

Congo's war has claimed millions of lives over the past two decades. The army recently inflicted several defeats on M23, the most active rebel group, which now says it will lay down its arms. The development offers hope, but no guarantees, that calm could be restored.

World Headlines: Immigrants A Net Boost To U.K., Study Says

We also have stories from Venezuela about rising prices and from China about the travails of Olympic gold medalist Sun Yang.

Bangladesh Sentences 152 Soldiers To Die Over Mutiny

The 2009 mutiny by border guards seeking better pay and working conditions left 74 people dead in the capital, Dhaka. The judge in the case called the incidents committed "heinous."

Japanese Burger Chain Finds Way To Appeal To Women

In Japan, a small mouth is considered attractive on a woman, which was a big problem for the country's biggest burger chain. It introduced a wrapper with a large triangle featuring a serene smile, which hides the real mouth chowing down on the burger. Sales to women have gone up 200 percent.

Madagascar's Bamboo Lemurs Fight For Survival

Madagascar's rich biodiversity is increasingly threatened by slash-and-burn agriculture and climate change. A leading example is the greater bamboo lemur, whose numbers have dwindled due to a shrinking supply of the fresh bamboo they depend on.

Video Said To Show Toronto Mayor Smoked Crack

Morning Edition's David Greene talks to Jamie Strashin of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's amazing political survival amid a scandal involving drugs and alcohol.

'Bloomberg Markets' Magazine Reveals Hidden Billionaires

The world's top 100 billionaires have a combined fortune of $2.1 trillion, according to Bloomberg Markets magazine. In the latest issue out Tuesday, it lists the richest of the rich. Morning Edition's David Greene talked to editor Matthew Miller, who oversees the rankings.