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Vigilantes Spray Paint Sexual Harassers In Cairo

Sexual harassment has been getting worse in Cairo and its spiked during a recent Muslim holiday. In response to the growing incidents and to police indifference, activists launched a "Be a Man" campaign and vigilantes are now taking to the streets.

For Complainers, A Stint In China's 'Black Jails'

Something dark lies nestled inside a bucolic Shanghai park: a quaint cottage that is actually a secret detention center, known as a "black jail." Researchers say thousands of Chinese are detained each year in this draconian system of jails the state says doesn't exist.
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Friday News Roundup - International

The U.S. shifts support to front-line Syrian opposition groups. Ongoing disputes over the Benghazi, Libya, attack. And Russia expands its treason law. Diane and guests discuss the week’s top international stories, what happened and why.


Day Of The Dead, Decoded: A Joyful Celebration Of Life And Food

The ancient Latin American holiday welcomes ancestors back to the earth for one day each year. Each element on the altar symbolizes a connection between the world of the living and the dead, so naturally, food and drink play a big part. Here we've deconstructed the altar and its meaning.

A Crusading Journalist's Arrest Spurs Greek Anger

Just days ago, Kostas Vaxevanis published the names of Greeks who may have sent billions to Swiss bank accounts. Within hours, police issued a warrant for his arrest on charges that he violated data protection laws. Greeks angered by the case say they are paying the price for austerity while the rich continue to live large.

Russia Set To Redefine Treason, Sparking Fears

The current law says treason is spying or helping a foreign state to harm Russia's national security. The new definition would include consulting for or advising foreign countries or organizations. Opponents say the language is so vague that it could potentially be used to punish anyone who has contacts with foreigners.