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Hundreds March In D.C. To Honor Law Enforcement, 'Charlie Hebdo' Victims

Residents in the District joined the hundreds of thousands worldwide in marching on Sunday in solidarity with the victims of the terror attacks in Paris last week.


Paris Suspects Declared Allegiance To Al-Qaida, ISIS

In a video, the now-dead suspect in the seizure of a kosher supermarket in Paris announced his loyalty to the leader of the self-declared Islamic State.

Despite Charlie Hebdo, Optimism On The Future Of Islam In Europe

A decade ago, Irshad Manji called for reform within Islam in her book, The Trouble with Islam Today. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Manji about her reaction to the recent events in France.

Giving Coats To Syrian Refugees To Fend Off A Bitter Winter

Winter weather is making a vulnerable situation even worse for millions of Syrian refugees. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to UNICEF's Lucio Melandri about a program to provide winter clothes to refugees.

Voices Of The Week: The 'Grim Reality' Of The Paris Attack

We hear perspectives on the Charlie Hebdo attack, from Secretary of State John Kerry, French philosopher Bernard Henri Levy, Conan Obrien, Imam Anjem Choudary and Somali-born writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Eric Holder Heads To Paris In Wake Of Charlie Hebdo Attack

Attorney General Eric Holder is attending international talks in Paris after the deadly attack on the satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to reporter Lauren Frayer in Paris.

World Leaders Join Unity March In Paris

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to march in solidarity with the victims of last week's attacks and in support of free speech.

Mideast Conflict Could Bog Down International Criminal Court

Palestinians have joined the International Criminal Court hoping to see investigations against Israel. But, some ICC watchers say this is dangerous territory for a court that is floundering elsewhere.

Mexican Carpoolers: A Photographer's View Of Truck Bed Commuters

In the backs of pickup trucks, construction workers lie among tools and blankets, headed to the city for a day's work. Alejandro Cartagena turned his camera on the carpoolers.

France Still Uneasy After 'Charlie Hebdo' Attacks

France remained on edge Saturday as security forces continued their search for a woman described as the partner of one of the gunmen. NPR's Arun Rath talks to reporter Lauren Frayer in Paris.