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Syrian Rebels Want Enough Help To Turn The Tide

Audie Cornish talks to Kelly McEvers about her reporting out of Syria and what people there are saying about U.S. intervention.
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Bangladesh: Cheap Clothes, Deadly Factories

Two deadly accidents in Bangladeshi factories over the last five months have raised questions about the real cost of cheap clothes.


Dutch Authorities Nab Suspect In 'Unprecedented' Cyberattack

The suspect arrested in Spain is thought to have perpetrated what's been described as the biggest distributed denial-of-service attack in the history of the Internet.

U.S. Wary As Qatar Ramps Up Support Of Syrian Rebels

The tiny Gulf nation of Qatar has been "punching above its weight" diplomatically in the region in recent years. Now, it's taking a prominent role in Syria, arming rebels there. The U.S. wants to see such aid go to moderates. Qatar has its own approach.

Will Chemical Weapons Change U.S. Policy Toward Syria?

The White House now believes Syria has used chemical weapons. But President Obama has shown no inclination toward military involvement in another Middle Eastern war.

South Korean Workers To Leave Industrial Zone In North

The symbol of rapprochement between the neighbors is the latest victim of rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Rescuers Still Hope For Survivors In Bangladesh Collapse

The death toll in the collapse hovers around 300, but rescue workers hope some of the hundreds more buried in the rubble can be taken out alive.

Dozens Dead After Fire In Russian Psychiatric Hospital

The cause of the blaze at a facility near Moscow is under investigation. Police tell Russian media that most of the estimated 38 victims likely had been under sedation and died in their sleep. Only three people are reported to have survived. A nurse was able to lead two patients to safety.