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Iraq's Anbar Province Under Threat From Al-Qaida

Heavy fighting has been reported in the Anbar province of Iraq this week. NPR's Arun Rath speaks to Middle East specialist Kirk Sowell about what it means.

'No One Controls Fallujah,' Which U.S. Soldiers Fought To Free

Al-Qaida fighters are attacking police stations and local officials. Sunni militias, who have battled al-Qaida in the past, are exerting themselves in other parts of the city. Government forces have pulled back, allowing freedom of movement for fighters from all sides.

Texas Man Becomes Unlikely CFO Of Ragged Kabul Orphanage

After decades of war in Afghanistan, the country has thousands of orphans. One home for these children ended up with an improbable benefactor — an Iranian-American who came to Kabul to do rule of law development work, and stumbled into a side project working with disabled orphans.

Wait Is Over For Antarctic Explorers: They Can Head Home

One day after being told the ship they're now on might have to assist another stranded vessel, the explorers have been told their trip can continue. The stranded icebreaker says it is not in distress and can wait for conditions to improve.

How NAFTA Helped The Mexican Billionaires' Club

When the North American Free Trade Agreement was being negotiated, supporters promised it would increase the income of Mexicans. And the middle class did grow over the past two decades. But it's clear that the country's ultrarich are its big winners.

From The Ruins Of A Tsunami, A Rebuilt Aceh Rises Anew

The December 2004 Asian tsunami left nearly a quarter of a million people dead. Indonesia's Aceh province was among the hardest hit. But nine years on, the province is home to a largely successful reconstruction effort, a peace deal between separatists and the government, and economic progress.

Did Kim Jong Un Feed His Uncle To 120 Dogs? Be Skeptical

A gruesome story that first surfaced weeks ago is now whipping around the world. But there are many reasons to be doubtful about the claim that Kim Jong Un had his uncle executed by throwing him to a pack of starving dogs.

4 Killed As Cambodian Police Fire At Striking Garment Workers

Workers from the sector, Cambodia's biggest export earner, want the country's minimum wage doubled. Protests by garment workers are not unusual, but Friday's violence represents an escalation, and comes amid growing demonstrations against Prime Minister Hun Sen's government.

Can One Girl Challenge The Traditions Of Her Village?

Kakenya Ntaiya tells the story of challenging ingrained traditions, insisting on continuing school, and becoming the first girl to leave her Maasai village for college.

One Of The Rescue Ships In Antarctic May Now Be Stuck, Too

A Chinese icebreaker that helped rescue 52 adventurers from another ship says it may not be able to get back to open waters. An Australian icebreaker — to which the adventurers were evacuated — i staying nearby in case its assistance is needed. So the