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Royal Arrival Expected Soon: Kate's In Labor

The Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to a London hospital Monday morning, according to the royal website. The first child of Prince William and the former Kate Middleton is set to be third in line to the throne.

Septuagenarian Superhero? Man Lifts Car Off Son-In-Law

Cecil Stuckless was fixing a Jeep in Salvage, Newfoundland, with his son-in-law, who was working under the vehicle when it suddenly fell. Stuckless, 72, summoned all his strength and lifted the Jeep just enough to save his son-in-law. Asked if he was Superman, he said: "No, I'm not super, I just did what I could do — that's all that's to it."

Police Hunt For Principal After Indian School Lunch Deaths

Police in the Indian state of Bihar say they are looking for the principal of the school where 23 children died last week. There is widespread anger in the state, and parents are said to have trashed the home of the principal, who left the area along with her husband soon after the children started to fall ill. Doctors believe the children were poisoned by insecticide.

'Abenomics' Get Vote Of Confidence In Japan

Voters in Japan handed a big victory to the ruling party in parliamentary elections Sunday. It's a vote of confidence in Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's ambitious economic agenda, which goes by the name of Abenomics. Abe has pledged to stir up Japan's moribund economy, but it will mean challenging some entrenched interests.

In Nairobi, A Maasai Detective Pursues Elusive Justice

Richard Crompton wrote his first novel, a crime thriller, to explore the value of justice in the developing world. Hour of the Red God stars Detective Mollel, who is charged with investigating a homicide in a city many still know as "Nairobbery."

Would Brits Throw Out Royals With Baby's Bathwater?

The world is awash in "Royal Baby Fever," but in London, the much-trumpeted affliction is more of a summer silly season snuffle — spreading faster around the world than it is in the U.K.

The 100th Tour De France Wraps Up With A Win For The British

Organizers feared this year's Tour de France wouldn't generate the excitement of previous years, but viewership was up and there's been a lot of excitement generated by the win of a British cyclist for the second year in a row.

British Bask In Summer Of Sporting Triumphs

Titles at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open and the Tour de France are just a taste of what British sports fans have been waiting a long time to experience.

Japan's Ruling Coalition Wins Control Of Upper House

The vote is seen as a mandate on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's aggressive monetary and fiscal stimulus programs, which have spurred growth after decades of deflation.

Belgian King Abdicates, Crown Prince Assumes Throne

King Albert II's 20-year-reign comes to an end as his eldest son, Philippe, becomes the country's seventh monarch.