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After Missteps In HIV Care, South Africa Finds Its Way

The nation with the worst HIV epidemic on the planet is finally turning the corner on the disease. South Africa is simplifying AIDS care and giving antiviral drugs to nearly 2 million people every day.

For Syrians, Life Goes On Despite Likelihood Of U.S. Action

Many Syrians believe a U.S. military strike is coming, but few believe it will alter the course of the war in a country that has already been ravaged by more than two years of fighting.

Chemical Weapons Used Rarely — But With Deadly Effect

The horrific effects of chemical weapons used during World War I led to a treaty banning their use. But Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein deployed them several decades later during his country's war with Iran, as well as on Kurds in the town of Halabja. Before the latest reports of a chemical weapon attack in Syria, a Japanese cult used sarin gas in a 1995 attack on Tokyo's subway system.

Snowden's Flight To Russia May Not Have Been Such A Shock

According to a Russian newspaper, the NSA leaker lived for a couple days at the Russian consulate in Hong Kong before his late June flight to Moscow. That raises questions about Russian President Vladimir Putin's statement that Snowden's arrival was a "complete surprise."

Woman In Kenya To Marry 2 Men

Polygamy is fairly common in Kenya but one forthcoming marriage is turning that custom on its head. A Kenyan woman not wanting to choose between the two men she loves, decided she will marry both of them. The men have agreed, and the trio even signed a contract to "set boundaries and keep the peace."

'Syrian Regime Is Responsible,' White House Says Of Attack

"Anyone who approaches this logically" would conclude that President Bashar Assad's forces used chemical weapons "on a massive scale" last week, White House spokesman Jay Carney said Tuesday. President Obama is weighing "the appropriate response," Carney added.

Thousands Of Striking Teachers Disrupt Mexico City

The teachers are protesting education changes that would institute evaluations and reduce the power of unions in hiring educators. It's common practice for teachers in Mexico to buy and sell tenured positions. The protests in Mexico City have caused traffic mayhem, and at one point blocked access to the international airport.

Israeli Support For U.S. Military Action Against Syria Grows

Israel shares a border with Syria and the two countries have been locked in a state of war for decades. Still, the Israeli view of U.S. military action against Syria is complicated and centered largely on another regional player: Iran.

U.S. Aims For International Support In Action Against Syria

Secretary of State Kerry has pronounced an all-but-final U.S. verdict against the Syrian government for suspected use of chemical weapons in an "indiscriminate slaughter" of civilians. U.S. warships are within missile range, and U.S. envoys are talking to allies to see what kind of action they might support. David Greene talks to Frederic Hof, who was a special State Department adviser on Syria for the Obama administration. He is now a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council.

Beachgoers In Spain Face Invasion Of Jellyfish

Known for its sparkling turquoise waters and white sand, Spain's Mediterranean beaches are developing a new reputation — for a growing number of jellyfish. Scientists blame overfishing and, possibly, climate change for the spike in stinging invertebrates.