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2 Summer Olympic Cities Are Chasing The 2022 Winter Games

Beijing and Stockholm, Sweden, are vying to become the first city to have hosted both summer and winter Olympics. They're among six cities that submitted bids by Thursday's deadline.

Young Maasai Activist Challenges Circumcision Tradition

The African Maasai ethnic group is known for its deep roots in tradition and culture, including rights of passage for men and female circumcision. Now, young Maasai woman Nice Nailantei Leng'ete is crusading for alternative rites of passage and empowering young girls to continue their education in Kenya. She tells Michel Martin how she stood her ground to promote the dangers of female genital cutting.Note: This conversation may not be comfortable for all listeners.

We Beheaded The Wrong Man, Syrian Terrorists Say

Apparently thinking he was a fighter loyal to President Bashar Assad, one Islamist militant group executed a commander from another anti-Assad militia. An apology has been offered.

Toronto City Council Aims To Strip Away Mayor's Powers

Hoping to take action against Mayor Rob Ford, who has admitted to smoking crack and has been the focus of a series of other embarrassing revelations, lawmakers are moving to isolate him.

China Unveils Major Economic Changes

The Communist Party said it would loosen restrictions on foreign investment in e-commerce and other businesses, and allow private competition in state-dominated sectors. The announcements are being described as China's biggest economic overhaul in two decades.

What Are The Lives of Chinese Factory Workers Really Like?

Behind all our material goods, from iPhones to sneakers, is a narrative of exploited Chinese workers with bleak lives. Reporter Leslie T. Chang says that's a disrespectful narrative. She sought out workers in a Chinese megacities and tells their stories.

Where Does General Tso Chicken Actually Come From?

Journalist Jennifer 8. Lee talks about her hunt for the origins of familiar Chinese-American dishes — exploring the hidden spots where these two cultures have combined to form a new cuisine.


There are some truths that we believe in wholeheartedly — but what if we're completely wrong? Once we separate fact from fiction, how do our perceptions change? In this hour, TED speakers move beyond conventional wisdom to reveal complex realities about what we think we know to be true.

Ikea's Typhoon Aid Overshadows China's Aid To Philippines

The Swedish furniture store Ikea is sending a $2.6 million aid package. China is sending aid worth $1.6 million. It first offered $100,000.

China Eases One-Child Policy, Ends Labor Camp System

In order to have a second child, one parent would have to be an only child under the new policy. Previously, both parents had to be only children. China has been loosening the policy for years as it tries to combat a gender imbalance as well as a labor shortage.