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Images Appear To Confirm Removal Of Top North Korean Official

Jang Song Thaek, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's uncle, was reportedly dismissed from his defense post. Official North Korean images appear to show the once-powerful Jang being escorted from a party meeting by uniformed guards. The move is seen as an attempt by Kim to consolidate his power.

Thai Prime Minister Dissolves Parliament, Calls New Elections

Yingluck Shinawatra's move comes as she tries to defuse anti-government protests that began last month. But protest leaders said they will rest only when Thai politics is rid of her family's influence.

Now Praised By Presidents, Mandela Wasn't Always Admired In The U.S.

During the Cold War, successive U.S. leaders supported the white South African government because it staunchly opposed communism. Mandela's African National Congress, meanwhile, had many ties to the Soviet Union and viewed it as more sympathetic to their cause than the U.S. and other Western countries.

Riot Police Dismantle Protest Camps In Ukraine's Capital

Anti-government protesters have now occupied for Kiev's city hall for more than a week. Police are tearing down barricades that were put in front of municipal buildings, the AP reports, and an opposition party says their offices were raided.
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The International Disability Treaty

The Americans with Disabilities Act served as the model for an international treaty. But while 138 countries have ratified the treaty, the U.S. has not. Two State Department officials join us to discuss the leadership role they hope the United States can continue to play on the issue.


Praise For Mandela Crosses Borders, Partisan Lines

When Nelson Mandela was in prison, the fight over imposing sanctions on South Africa was politically divisive. But it also produced a kind of unity in the end.

American Dazzles Judges On 'Arabs Got Talent'

One of the contenders on the popular TV show Arabs Got Talent was blond 23-year-old Jennifer Grout, a classically trained singer from Boston.

French Troops Arrive In Central African Republic

David Greene talks with Sylvain Groulx, head of mission for Doctors without Borders in the Central African Republic, about the state of the violence there and the hopes for peace now that French troops have arrived.

A Boxing Champ Rises In Ukraine's Bare-Knuckle World Of Politics

Vitali Klitschko has emerged as one of Ukraine's most popular opposition figures, in part because he earned his wealth in the ring and appears to be untouched by the country's corruption scandals. The boxer known as "Dr. Ironfist" has his eye on the presidency, but there are concerns about his lack of experience.

WTO Nations Say Deal Will Boost Global Trade

Officials from 159 countries took a big step forward in promoting global trade over the weekend at World Trade Organization talks in Indonesia.