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Around The World, Ford's Mustang Fuels A Dream

On Thursday, Ford will unveil the new generation of its iconic pony car in the U.S. and cities around the world. The Mustang is eagerly awaited in Europe, where it hasn't been sold since 1979.

Protests Intensify Over Ukraine's Rejection Of EU Pact

The government's thumbs down of the proposed trade agreement has sparked widespread anger and street protests that have threatened to topple President Viktor Yanukovych.

Guardian Editor: We've Published 1 Percent Of Snowden Files

In testimony before Britain's Parliament, Alan Rusbridger tells lawmakers that about 58,000 files obtained from Snowden, or "about 1 percent," have been published by the paper.

Will Progress On Nuke Talks Mean More Engagement From Iran?

The U.S. is participating in a historic diplomatic push to curb Iran's nuclear program. Some argue that the inroads on the nuclear issue may persuade Iran — which supports Hezbollah and the Syrian regime — to play a more constructive role in the region on other issues. But that's far from certain.

Biden Arrives In Beijing As Trouble Brews Over The East China Sea

Vice President Joe Biden arrives in Beijing tonight from Tokyo, part of an Asian tour that has been dominated by tensions in the East China Sea. Both Japan and the U.S. have deplored China's new air defense identification zone, which covers an area that includes disputed islands under Japanese control.

For First Time, Americans Say U.S. Power In The World Is Declining

For the first time in 40 years, a majority of Americans say that the U.S. plays a less important and powerful role as a world leader than it did a decade ago, according to Pew's America's Place in the World poll. The Pew poll also finds that more Americans disapprove than approve of President Obama's handling of foreign policy. Robert Siegel talks about the poll results with Michael Dimock, director of the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, to make sense of what the results might mean.

Bolshoi Dancer Sentenced To Russian Penal Colony For Acid Attack

A former Bolshoi dancer was sentenced to six years in a penal colony for orchestrating an acid attack on the theater's artistic director. Pavel Dmitrichenko and two co-conspirators were sentenced on Tuesday. Melissa Block talks with New York Times reporter Andrew Roth, who was in the Moscow courtroom.

Ukrainian President Withstands No-Confidence Vote Amid Protests

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich survived a no-confidence vote in parliament Tuesday as the opposition failed to muster a majority to pass the measure. The opposition, and thousands of protesters now gathered in downtown Kiev, are demanding Yanukovitch's resignation because he refused to sign political and trade agreements with the European Union. Ukraine, a former Soviet republic, has been under intense pressure from Moscow to reject membership in the EU and to embrace closer trade ties with Russia and other countries that formerly belonged to the Soviet Union. The protesters in Kiev have vowed to continue their siege of government buildings.

WATCH: Amazing Rescue Of Nigerian Man From Sunken Tugboat

A South African diving team expecting to find only bodies three days after the vessel sunk instead located the ship's cook, Harrison Okene, alive.

Two Sisters, A Small Room And The World Behind A T-Shirt

The rise of factory jobs in Bangladesh has brought profound cultural changes to the country — and to the lives of two sisters who made the Planet Money T-shirt.