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Dennis Rodman Says He's Taking Former NBA Players To North Korea

The NBA hall of famer asked the world to take him and his basketball diplomacy seriously Rodman also hinted that he would interview the seclusive leader of North Korea.

In The Arab World, Unrest Is Coupled With Unemployment

Unemployment in some of the Arab Spring countries is among the highest in the world. But governments have their hands tied because any attempt at economic reform will likely hurt the poor.
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Al-Qaida In Africa And Implications For Security At Home

Shootings and a hostage crisis in Nairobi underscore the resilience of al-Qaida and its affiliates in Africa. Guest host Katty Kay and her guests discuss international terrorism and implications for security at home.

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House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte

As chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) plays a key role in getting legislative action on efforts like immigration reform to the House floor.


Zubin Mehta's Concert Strikes A Discordant Note In Kashmir

Mehta conducted the Bavarian State Orchestra in Srinagar over the weekend. But the audience of mostly VIPs rankled many Kashmiris — and the heavy police presence served as a reminder of the security situation in the restive Indian state.

Kerry Says Syria Action Would Be 'Unbelievably Small'

While making the case for striking Syria, the secretary of state also tried to reassure Americans and U.S. allies that the effort won't draw the nation into another war. His choice of words is getting attention.

Unemployment: Arab Spring Not Springing Back

Many people saw the Arab Spring as a sign of hope for youth in the area. But unemployment numbers there reflect the opposite. Host Michel Martin speaks with The Wall Street Journal economics reporter Sudeep Reddy and Shadi Hamid, director of research at the Brookings Doha Center, about the economic realities of the post-Arab Spring world.

Blitz The Ambassador: Fighting Against Invisibility

Blitz the Ambassador grew up listening to Public Enemy in Ghana. Now he's bringing an African flavor to American hip-hop. He speaks to host Michel Martin about what his latest release, The Warm Up, says about the U.S. immigrant experience.

Who Are The Syrian Rebels?

Researchers argue that through social media and on-the-ground research, a detailed portrait of the Syrian rebels has emerged. This goes against the conventional wisdom, which holds that little is known about the rebel factions.

Talk Turns To Getting Assad To Give Up His Chemical Weapons

Russia's foreign minister says he has told his Syrian counterpart that one way to head off a U.S. strike could be to hand over control of those weapons to international watchdogs. The Assad regime has reportedly welcomed the suggestion. The White House says any turnover has to be verifiable.