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Photos May Show Marines Burning Iraqis' Bodies

The Marine Corps is looking into images obtained by the entertainment website TMZ. They appear to show U.S. Marines burning the corpses of Iraqi fighters during the 2004 battles in Fallujah.

Vatican Comes Under U.N. Scrutiny Over Priest Abuse Scandal

The Committee on the Rights of the Child takes church officials to task for their handling of sex abuse allegations, saying the Holy See must "take all appropriate measures" to keep children safe.

Do You Know Who Owns Your Favorite Liquor?

Many spirits are tied to a particular place, but liquor companies have gone global and a small number of firms now dominate the market internationally.

Battlefield In Northern Syria Evolves As Rebels Fight Rebels

Al-Qaida-linked militants from the group known as ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, were on the run, pushed out of many of their strongholds by an alliance of rebels opposed to al-Qaida. But now, ISIS has regained control of the only provincial capital held by the rebels.

2004 Tsunami Leaves Many Worse Off Than Before

Just after Christmas, the Indian Ocean tsunami killed nearly a quarter of a million people. Among the worst hit areas was the Indonesian province of Aceh, where more than 175,000 people died. Have the victims been able to rebuild their lives over the last nine years?

Militias In Mexican State Keep Up Fight Against Cartel

Mexican forces are moving into the country's western state of Michoacan. The huge federal force is trying to disarm a growing number of civilian militias, which have been fighting against a ruthless drug cartel that controls much of the state.

Reports Of Arrests And Torture Under Nigeria's Anti-Gay Law

Under a shroud of secrecy, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signed the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act on Jan. 7. In Nigeria, the law has become known by many as the "Jail the Gays" law. Melissa Block speaks with Michelle Faul, the Associated Press Chief Africa Correspondent, about the law's ramifications.

Bangkok Protests Roil The Thai Economy

The prime minster of Thailand says she plans to go ahead with next month's elections, despite opposition protests that have blocked much of the center of Bangkok. The anti-government demonstrators want the current, caretaker prime minister to step down, to be replaced with an unelected "people's council". The political turmoil is also impacting the local economy.

German Farmers Fear For Europe's Bacon With U.S. Trade Deal

German farmers protested Wednesday against a free trade deal with the U.S. that could lift restrictions on American meat sold in Europe. The farmers say they are worried not just about poor quality meat but about unfair competition.

Reports Of New Video Showing U.S. Soldier Held In Afghanistan

U.S. officials have reportedly received a new "proof-of-life" video of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the first to emerge in years.