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Friday News Roundup - International

A U.S. drone kills Pakistan's number two Taliban leader. Syria says it has received the first shipment of Russian missiles. And a Chinese firm agrees to buy the world's largest pork producer.


Assad Says Russian Missiles Have Arrived in Syria

President Bashar Assad says his military has taken delivery of some Russian anti-aircraft missiles. Meanwhile, there are reports that leaders of the opposition say they won't attend peace talks until Assad's forces lift a siege.

Even Terrorists Have To Fill Out Expense Reports

A scathing performance review of an al-Qaida employee offers another reminder of how bureaucratic large, illicit organizations can be. News reports have shown that even drug traffickers keep receipts.

China's 'Pipe Baby' Out Of Hospital And With Mother's Family

The newborn boy's rescue from a pipe below a public toilet captured headlines around the world. Officials now tell local news outlets that the mother is unlikely to face charges. It was an accident, officials believe, that the frightened woman initially lied about.

Examining China's Investment Record In U.S. Companies

How many Chinese companies have already bought U.S. businesses? David Greene talks to Dexter Roberts, Beijing bureau chief for Bloomberg Businessweek, about Chinese investment in the U.S.

Palestinian Girls Look For Ways To Protest, Without Stones

What's the most effective way to protest? Teenage Palestinian boys have a long tradition of throwing stones at, and getting arrested by, Israeli soldiers. Palestinian girls say they are no less patriotic, but most don't believe that stone throwing is the best way to achieve their goals.

Years Of Combat Experience, And Just Turning 20

Colombia's FARC rebels are engaged in peace talks with the government, but the group is also stepping up recruitment of child soldiers. Thousands of children may have become rebels in recent years, and efforts are underway to rehabilitate some of them.