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Greeks Doubtful Election Will Speed Economic Recovery

Greeks go to the polls this Sunday in early parliamentary elections. An anti-bailout leftist party is leading in the polls, but the election could still end in deadlock.

Who Are The Houthis Of Yemen?

The Houthis have burst onto the scene in recent months and effectively taken control of the capital, Sanaa. Members espouse an offshoot of Shiite Islam and are now a major force in a volatile country.

Saudi Arabia's King Abullah Dies At 90

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud of Saudi Arabia has died. He was born before Saudi Arabia was even a country. David Greene talks to journalist and author Thomas Lippman about the king's death.

American Millennial Missionary In Guinea Isn't Scared Off By Ebola

Luke Whitworth, 23, came to Guinea from South Carolina 13 months ago. That's when the outbreak there began. His sponsoring group gave him the option to leave — but he's determined to stay.

Yemen's Political Crisis Deepens After Government Resigns

Resignations by the president and his Cabinet after rebels took control of much of the capital have compounded the political crisis. David Greene talks to Yara Bayoumy, a correspondent for Reuters.

Ecologist's Airborne Scanners See The Forest And The Trees — All Of Them

Gregory Asner has loaded a plane with lasers, spectrometers and computers to create models so detailed, they distinguish between and count plant species in even the densest biomes, like the Amazon.

Ancient Egyptian Relic Broken, Repaired With Glue

Anonymous officials say the beard of the golden mask of King Tutankamun broke off during a cleaning last year, and was glued back on in a hurry.

The Doomsday Clock Moves 2 Minutes Closer To Midnight

A group of prominent scientists use the clock as a symbol of imminent disaster for humanity.
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Did Boehner Cross A Line By Inviting Netanyahu To Congress?

Democrats say House Speaker John Boehner set a dangerous precedent by going around the White House, but Republicans say the president had it coming.

Saudi King Abdullah, Who Laid Foundation For Reform, Dies

Abdullah put forward the Arab Peace Initiative for a deal with Israel, cracked down on al-Qaida within the kingdom, and became known as a ruler committed to reform. But the moves were limited.