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Berlusconi Gets 7-Year Sentence For Paying A Minor For Sex

An Italian court has found former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi guilty of paying for sex with a minor, a then teenaged pole dancer known on stage as "Ruby the Heartstealer." The court also convicted Berlusconi of abuse of power for having her released from police custody after she was arrested for an unrelated theft. The court sentenced Berlusconi to seven years but he will not go to jail pending appeal to higher courts.

WikiLeaks Helps NSA Leaker As It Works To Stage A Comeback

The group WikiLeaks has played a key role in the case of Edward Snowden, the former contractor who has admitted leaking top secret documents about surveillance. Snowden is now trying to elude U.S. authorities, and is seeking asylum in Ecuador. WikiLeaks has helped plan his escape and Julian Assange, the group's leader, came to Snowden's defense on Monday.

Syrian Rebels Inherit Arms From Gaddafi's Former Forces

The New York Times reports that Qatar has been arming rebels inside Syria by taking weapons from Libya and shipping them through Turkey. The same weapons were once held by Muammar Gaddafi. Audie Cornish talks to Times reporter Mark Mazzetti.

Rafael Nadal Loses In First-Round Upset At Wimbledon

After winning the French Open earlier this month, Rafael Nadal falls early at Wimbledon, losing to Belgium's Steve Darcis, ranked No. 135 in the world. It's the first loss for Nadal in the opening round of a Grand Slam.

Why Would Ecuador Want Edward Snowden?

The country's president likes jabbing the U.S. The U.S. could put pressure on Ecuador if it grants asylum to Edward Snowden, though the country's oil reserves give it something of a buffer.

White House: We Expect Russia To Expel Snowden

Hong Kong and China were wrong to let the "NSA leaker" fly to Moscow, White House spokesman Jay Carney says. Now, the Obama administration expects Russia to take steps that will lead to Snowden's return to the U.S. Meanwhile, Julian Assange talks about the help Snowden is getting from WikiLeaks.

Pakistan's Premier Says Musharraf Should Be Tried For Treason

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Musharraf, who returned to Pakistan from self-imposed exile earlier this year, violated the constitution when he suspended it in 2007.

Where In The World Is Edward Snowden? Still Russia, It Seems

It was widely reported that he would fly from Moscow to Havana on Monday. But he apparently did not board that flight. Just where Snowden is headed isn't known for sure, but it's thought that his final destination will be Ecuador.

Artist's Fake Diploma To Be Sold At Auction

David Hockney's fake diploma is expected to sell for up to $27,000. He created it in 1962 when he was denied a real degree by the Royal College of Art because he refused to write a final essay.

'Everything Possible' Being Done For Ailing Nelson Mandela

The former South African president, an icon of the anti-apartheid movement, remains in critical condition at a Pretoria hospital. He is being treated for a recurring respiratory infection. Mandela is 94.