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WTO Nations Say Deal Will Boost Global Trade

Officials from 159 countries took a big step forward in promoting global trade over the weekend at World Trade Organization talks in Indonesia.

In Soweto, Remembering Mandela As A Figure Of Resistance

While the world remembers Nelson Mandela as the great reconciler, some ordinary South Africans are remembering him in their own way — as a powerful figure of resistance. And they're looking toward the country's future with both hope and uncertainty.

So You Found The Chemical Weapons. How Do You Transport Them?

The plan to dispose of Syria's chemical weapons is swiftly moving ahead. But the plan to get the materials out to sea to dispose of them is easier said than done, when it means transporting them through a war zone. Arun Rath talks to Amy Smithson of the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies about what lies ahead.

Assessing The Fallout From A Hezbollah Commander's Death

This week, Hassan al-Laqis, a senior commander of Hezbollah, was assassinated in Beirut, Lebanon. Hezbollah has blamed Israel for the killing, but Israel has denied that it had any involvement. Host Arun Rath speaks with Mitchell Prothero, who reports from Beirut for McClatchy, and Matthew Levitt, author of Hezbollah: The Global Footprint of Lebanon's Army of God, about who al-Laqis was, and what the assassination means.

Ukrainians Take Anger Over Trade Into The Streets

In Ukraine, protests continue over President Viktor Yanukovych's rejection of closer trade ties with the European Union. Protesters believe the president will opt instead for closer trade ties with Russia and several former Soviet republics.

South Africa Holds Mandela In Mind As It Gathers In Prayer

It has been National Day of Prayer and reflection in South Africa as the nation pays tribute to the late Nelson Mandela. Host Arun Rath speaks with NPR's Ofeibea Quist-Arcton about the day, and how white South Africans are reacting to the death of Mandela.

In Kiev, Protesters Topple Statue Of Vladimir Lenin

Thousands of protesters are calling for the ouster of their president, who wants closer ties with Russia. Ukraine has seen daily protests for more than two weeks now.

Nelson Mandela And The Virtue Of Compromise

Most revolutionary political figures consider compromise a dirty word and a sign of weakness. Yet Mandela consistently preached pragmatism, and many of his defining moments involved acts of flexibility, reconciliation and magnanimity.

Countering China, S. Korea Expands Its Own Air Defense Zone

The new zone overlaps with some of the same area China laid claim to in November. The U.S. said the South Korean approach avoids confusion and threats to civilian airlines.

South Africans Celebrate Mandela On National Day Of Prayer

As they mourn the iconic anti-apartheid leader who shepherded South Africa to multiracial democracy, South Africans are experiencing mixed emotions. Some feel at peace with Nelson Mandela's death. Some are in disbelief, and some are anxious about a future without his guidance.