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Trade Talks Threatened By Allegations U.S. Spied On E.U.

Europe is in an uproar over revelations that U.S. intelligence services are spying on the European Union mission in New York and its embassy in Washington. The new allegations come from the latest secret U.S. National Security Agency documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

Myths And Stigma Stoke TB Epidemic In Tajikistan

A family copes with tuberculosis in a place where a child infected with the illness may be shunned. Nurses are working hard to bring clean air and clear information to every home and every generation.

In A Rough Neighborhood, Jordan Clings To Its Stability

Amid the turbulent Middle East, Jordan remains stable — for now. But internal and external pressures are mounting. From within, a faltering economy and a popular demand for a say in how the country is governed. And from without, a flood of refugees from Syria that are straining resources.

Top Vatican Bank Officials Resign

The resignations came just days after a senior cleric with ties to the institution was arrested after being caught with about $26 million in cash he was trying to bring into Italy from Switzerland. Pope Francis recently set up a special commission of inquiry to resolve the bank's problems.

An Online Upstart Roils French Media, Politics

The Web newspaper Mediapart is turning conventional wisdom about the Internet and journalism on its head. It offers in-depth reporting without fluff or advertising. The publication is turning a profit, and creating an uproar in a country where the media has often been too cozy with power.

With A New Emir, Will Qatar Keep Its Outsized Role?

Qatar has changed dramatically in recent years, and more changes are likely as a new emir, just 33 years old, takes over. The goal is to build a modern Islamic state without becoming too Westernized.

To The Dismay Of Kenyans, President Obama Will Just Fly By

An African tour will include a stop in Tanzania, but not in neighboring Kenya, the homeland of President Obama's late father. The administration says it isn't the right time for a visit, since Kenya's new president is accused of crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court.

Nelson Mandela Is In Critical But Stable Condition, In Latest Update

In the first official update on Mandela's health since Thursday, the presidency also urged people to prepare for the beloved rights activist's birthday later this month.

Obama Calls For Collaborative Ties With Tanzania

The president is on the final leg of his visit to Africa. On Tuesday, he and former President George W. Bush will join together for a wreath-laying ceremony at the site of the 1998 bombing at the U.S. Embassy.

Can America Learn From Foreign School Systems?

It's a special edition of Tell Me More's Barbershop as host Michel Martin and the guys visit the Aspen Ideas Festival. They'll share their thoughts on whether America is still the land of opportunity, and which countries are setting kids up for success when it comes to future generations.