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A Day After Attack, Worshippers Return To Jerusalem Synagogue

Israeli troops also razed the home of a Palestinian suspected in an earlier attack, signaling that the government will continue with the controversial practice.

Take The Plunge Into World Toilet Day

They say every dog has its day. So does every toilet. And that day is today: World Toilet Day.

'Do They Know It's Christmas?' Raises Hackles As Well As Dollars

The newest version of Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?" raised a $1 million within a few minutes of its release on Tuesday. Critics say the song still sends the wrong message about Africa.

Rabbi From Kansas City Killed In Jerusalem Synagogue Attack

Tuesday's attack at a synagogue in Jerusalem left five dead. Assailants struck during morning prayers. Three U.S. citizens were among those killed, including Rabbi Kalman Levine, a Kansas City native.

Bloodmobiles To Collect Plasma From West Africa's Ebola Survivors

Researchers gear up tests in West Africa to see whether blood from Ebola survivors can help people who are sick with the disease. This is part of a broader effort to test therapies in West Africa.

Backlash Fails To Deter Protesters In Hong Kong's Mongkok Camp

Armed with a court injunction, city court bailiffs could move to clear part of the Mongkok camp this week. Protesters seem unfazed. They've seen it all, including having dead rodents dropped on them.

India Quarantines Ebola Survivor Because Of Infectious Semen

Ebola can linger in semen for months after a person recovers from the disease. So survivors are typically given condoms and a stern warning. But India is being more cautious.

Aid Groups See A Drop-Off In U.S. Health Volunteers To Fight Ebola

International aid groups say the decline in volunteers is due to quarantine restrictions imposed by New York and New Jersey.

Hong Kong Protestors Make Solemn Retreat As Authorities Move In

There's sadness among demonstrators as they realize their protest villages are going to be cleared and they will have nothing to show for it because the government refuses to address their complaints.

French Authorities Work To Identify Militant In ISIS Video

One of the Islamist militants identified in the recent beheading video is a 22-year-old Frenchman from Normandy, who locals say had a traditional Catholic upbringing.