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Africans Are Introduced To The Blood Pressure Cuff

Esther Okaya is one of a growing number of Africans suffering from hypertension. New efforts to fight the condition include a $1 bonus for health workers who identify and bring in a patient.

Italy's 'Little Jerusalem' Opens The Doors To Jewish History

Today 27 countries are marking the European Day of Jewish Culture. The Tuscan town of Pitigliano is one of the sites involved: it's home to few Jews today, but once housed a thriving Jewish community.

Islamic State Video Shows Execution Of British Aid Worker

The Islamic State militant group released a video showing the execution of British aid worker David Haines. NPR's Lynn Neary talks with NY Times reporter Steven Erlanger about the U.K. reaction.

It's All About The Girls: Is The World Listening To Them?

More than 500 girls living in poverty have lent their voices to Girl Declaration, a campaign urging world leaders to include the needs of girls in the next set of global development goals.

ISIS Video Purports To Show Beheading Of British Aid Worker

The militant group calling itself the Islamic State claims to have killed British aid worker David Haines. The video has been condemned by British prime minister David Cameron and by President Obama.

The Summer Of 2014 Has Been A Messy Time For The World

Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Liberia, Ferguson: Summer 2014 has been full of terrible news. NPR's Arun Rath talks to Harvard's Steven Pinker to try to answer the question: Is the world getting more messy?

Ukraine: Peace Disrupted By Barrage; Russia Sends New Aid Convoy

Rocket fire tested — but didn't break — a week-old cease-fire between Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists Friday night. And the EU made concessions to Russia on a trade pact.

Israeli, Palestinian Parents Share Their Painful Stories Of Loss

The Parents Circle is a group of Israeli and Palestinian mothers and fathers who have lost children in the conflict. Two of them visited NPR and said this summer's war has only made conditions worse.

Former Ambassador: It's Not Too Late To Arm Syrian Rebels

Former Ambassador Fred Hof tells NPR's Wade Goodwyn that air power is not enough to defeat the Islamic State. A ground component, even if it is not American, is needed for long-term success, he says.

What The U.S. Has Given To Fight Ebola (And Why It's Not Enough)

U.S. aid is beginning to flow into the countries fighting the deadly virus. But while protective equipment and food supplies are vital, what's really needed now are health workers.