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Slain Pakistani Social Media Star Remembered As Daring Feminist Rebel

A group of women held a vigil in Islamabad Monday to protest the murder of Qandeel Baloch by her brother in a so-called "honor killing." Baloch was famous for her social media postings.

French Investigators Release New Information About Driver In Nice Attack

The chief investigator of last Thursday's truck attack in Nice, France, has released new information about the driver. Investigators still don't know why he did it or what connections, if any, he had to ISIS.

A New Generation Learns How To Live With HIV

You can hear their stories in a series of videos — and listen to their youth-oriented coverage of the International AIDS Conference.

Russia Should Be Barred From Rio Olympics, World Anti-Doping Agency Says

"The findings of the report show a shocking and unprecedented attack on the integrity of sport and on the Olympic Games," IOC President Thomas Bach says of a WADA investigation.

A Year After Iran Nuclear Deal, What Has Changed?

All parties are complying, but critics in both the U.S. and Iran are still unhappy with the deal.

World Anti-Doping Agency Confirms Allegations Of Russian Cheating

An independent report found evidence of a state-sponsored effort to encourage Russian athletes to take performance-enhancing drugs and avoid detection. This could affect the Rio Olympics.
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Aftermath Of The Failed Coup In Turkey And The Bastille Day Attack In France

Analysis of the coup attempt in Turkey and the attack on a Bastille Day crowd in Nice, France.


Turkey's President Cracks Down After Failed Coup

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan could use the coup attempt against him to purge government institutions, including the military and the judiciary. Critics say he has already accumulated too much power.

Jihadi Recruiters Find Success In French City Of Nice

In France, most people in Nice know that their city is a hotbed of jihadism. More than 100 people have left Nice — the most of any city in France — to fight with ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

International AIDS Conference Returns To Durban, South Africa.

When the conference was held there in 2000, HIV was terrifying. It was spreading rapidly and an infection was viewed as a death sentence. Now, conference attendees celebrate a sea change around HIV.