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Greece Slouches Toward Default As Germany Rules Out Further Debt Talks

Germany says that there will be no more negotiations after the Greek premier called for a nationwide referendum on a bailout plan. Meanwhile, fearful Greeks are withdrawing their euros.

Tunisia IDs Beach Resort Assailant As 23-Year-Old Aviation Student

Prime Minister Habib Essid also said that most of the tourists killed at the Imperial Marhaba Hotel in Sousse were British tourists.

Greeks To Vote On Bailout On July 5

Greece's prime minister has called for a referendum that would allow Greeks to vote yes or no on the current bailout deal. NPR's Scott Simon talks to reporter Joanna Kakissis in Athens.

Success For U.S.-Backed Fighters In Syria Leads To Political Complications

Along with U.S. airstrikes, Syrian Kurds pushed the Islamic State out of key turf on the Turkish border. The U.S. sees it as a model for fighting ISIS but Turkey worries the Kurds are going too far.

In Saudi Arabia, An Uphill Fight To Out-Shout The Extremists

Can satire and commentary win out against ISIS? Some Saudi journalists and comedians are risking their lives to mock and question their country's religious extremists.

Learning The Hard Way Why You Just Shouldn't GetTooClose

In India, writer Deepak Singh was always bumping up against humanity. In the U.S., he found out about personal space. And he wonders: Is something lost when you have to keep your distance?

A Boy Won't Let A Lion Get His Goat

An award-winning photo captures a friendly encounter between a young child and a painted feline.

Greeks Will Vote On Whether to Pay EU's Price For Financial Bailout

Lenders from the European Union and International Monetary Fund want austerity measures to continue for another five months in Greece in exchange for $16 billion in aid.

Migrants In Calais, France, Try To Jump Aboard U.K.-Bound Trucks

European leaders met this week to find a solution to the masses of migrants flooding the continent. Unrest broke out in Calais, France, as migrants tried to board United Kingdom-bound trucks.

A Muslim-Jewish Love Story On Egyptian TV Sends Sparks Flying

The soap opera features an Egyptian Muslim army officer in love with an Egyptian Jewish woman. It's airing daily during Ramadan and is proving both popular and controversial.