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A History Of West Bank Settlements

As Morning Edition wraps up its series on the role of land and identity in the Israel-Palestine conflict, Steve Inskeep talks to Israeli author Gershom Gorenberg about the history of the settlements.

Boko Haram Said To Train Child Soldiers

Around 80 children discovered at a Boko Haram camp in Cameroon were being trained as child soldiers. Christopher Fomunyoh of the National Democratic Institute describes efforts to help them.

In Mexico, A Fight Over Press Freedom

A Mexican broadcaster has fired one of the country's most prestigious journalists and set off a firestorm over freedom of expression and the press.

Benjamin Netanyahu Faces A Big Test As Israelis Head To Polls

The Israeli prime minister has warned his party may lose in Tuesday's election. That's despite his recent speech before the U.S. Congress that was expected to give him an advantage.

She's Behind The Billy: Hide And Seek At Ikea

The chain says no to giant games of hide and seek in its European stores. Ikea let it happen once in Belgium. But when thousands wanted to play in the Netherlands, it said it wouldn't be safe.

A New Community Rises In The West Bank ... And It's Not Israeli

Much of the new building in the territory involves Jewish settlements. The Palestinians now have a new city, but the project has been slowed because until recently Israel did not allow a water hookup.
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For Spanish Bagpiper, 'Celtic Connection' Crosses Borders And Millennia

For gaita player Carlos Núñez, there's an undeniable bond between Celtic sounds and the music of his native Galicia region in Spain.


If You're One Of The World's 382 Million Diabetics, Your Wages May Dip

The caseload could surge to 592 million by 2035, with a huge contribution from the developing world. And across the globe, people with diabetes tend to earn less — or lose their job altogether.

Cyclone Created Almost 'Complete' Destruction In Vanuatu

NPR's Don Gonyea speaks with UNICEF spokeswoman Alice Clements about the situation in Vanuatu. A cyclone tore through the South Pacific island nation this weekend.

Venezuelan Assembly Grants President Maduro Emergency Powers

Over the weekend, the Venezuelan national assembly granted President Nicolas Maduro emergency powers. The U.S. recently imposed sanctions against some of Maduro's party leaders.