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"The Square:" Behind The Headlines Of The Egyptian Revolution

A new documentary takes viewers inside the Egyptian revolution, from the heady protests in Tahrir Square to the subsequent political upheaval.


An Execution In North Korea Has A Chilling Effect In China

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's execution of his uncle was about more than an internal power struggle. Jang Song Thaek oversaw economic ties with China and was accused of selling North Korean resources to its main ally on the cheap.

Central African Republic's President Resigns At Regional Summit

Michel Djotodia, who took power in a coup last year, was unable to quell the violence that has engulfed his country, and was under pressure from regional leaders to quit. A bloody conflict has pit the country's majority Christian population against Muslims.

Cuba, Land Of The $250,000 Family Sedan

For the first time in five decades, the Cuban government has begun selling new and used vehicles to anyone who can afford them. But with used Volkswagen Passats priced at $70,000 and a 2013 Peugeot sedan priced at $250,000, it's pretty clear the Castro government doesn't really want to sell them. Why?

Central African Republic President Resigns

Local and international pressure had been building against President Michel Djotodia. He took power in a military coup in the summer, plunging the country into a multi-sided civil war. Thousands have died and hundreds of thousands have been uprooted.

Fighting In South Sudan Forces Residents To Seek Safety

Some 10,000 people have died in South Sudan since the fighting began there last month. David Greene talks to Elke Leidel, the South Sudan country director for Concern Worldwide about the view on the ground in South Sudan.

'Pious Spy' Article Casts Doubt On Taliban Chief's Death

Qari Ahmadullah was the Taliban's minister of intelligence. He held great power in Afghanistan, using mullahs to inform on the people. He was supposedly killed by the United States in an airstrike, but a piece in Harpers Magazine raises the question of whether he may still be alive. Morning Edition co-host Renee Montagne talks to journalist Mujib Mashal, whose piece is called "The Pious Spy."

Turkish Scandal Shines Light On 'Shadowy' Muslim Leader

A corruption scandal in Turkey is focusing attention on a feud between the country's ruling party and its former ally the Gulen Movement. Fetullah Gulen is a moderate Islamic cleric living in the U.S., whose followers run private schools and think tanks around the world. The fight among Turkey's religious elite is sparking new interest in the man said to be behind an unofficial but very powerful Muslim network.

Despite Dim Prospects, Syrian Exodus To Germany Continues

Germany is one of the few EU countries that has welcomed Syrians fleeing civil war. But it offers refuge only to a few thousand out of the millions who need it. And it actually deported Syrian asylum-seekers last year because of treaty requirements. Still, Syrians are risking their lives to get there.

Prison Violence Spills Into Brazilian Streets

Decapitation, rape and murder headline violence in the overcrowded prisons in one of Brazil's poorest states, the bastion of a politically powerful family. Recently, the violence has even spilled out of the prisons and into the streets.