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She's Got A Perfect Afro — And A Melodious Vision For African Musicians

Meklit Hadero was born in Ethiopia and raised in the U.S. She's a folk-jazz artist who's been likened to Joni Mitchell. And she brings East African musicians together to share their beats.

Malaysian Jet That Crashed In Ukraine May Have Been Shot Down

A U.S. official has told NPR that a Malaysia Airlines jet carrying nearly 300 people was likely shot down by a surface-to-air missile.
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Beating The Odds: Coping With The Loss Of An Incarcerated Parent

In part four of our Beating the Odds series, we'll hear from a teenager about the dark period her family experienced after her father went to prison.


Australia Repeals An Unpopular Tax On Carbon Emissions

The tax was imposed on about 350 of the nation's top polluters under the country's previous center-left government.

Ukraine Says Russia Shot Down One Of Its Warplanes

It's the second plane in recent days that Kiev says was downed by a missile fired from Russian territory — the strongest accusation to date of Moscow's direct involvement in the separatist conflict.

A 5-Hour Truce Between Hamas And Israel Ends, And Fighting Begins

Israel and Hamas agreed to hold their fire for five hours, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. local time, for humanitarian reasons. But the peace is now over, and attacks have resumed.

Talks On Iran's Nuclear Program Likely To Be Extended

President Obama says talks on Iran's nuclear program have shown progress and there's a "credible way forward." That's a strongest indication negotiations will be extended beyond Sunday's deadline.

Children Flee For Their Lives, Says Journalist Covering Border Crisis

Steve Inskeep talks to journalist Sonia Nazario about her trip to Honduras, the epicenter of violence that has gripped Central America, and pushed north tens of thousands of migrant children.

'Voices of Cycling' Duo Has Shared A Mic For 29 Years

Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen have covered the Tour de France, the sport's most grueling race, together for decades and have developed a rapport that viewers appreciate.

Two Funerals: In Israel And Gaza, Each Side Mourns Its Dead

The bloodletting has left fresh scars on both sides of the conflict. NPR correspondents attend funerals in Israel and Gaza and ask mourners how they are coping with the current round of fighting.