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Mistrust And Miscommunication Stand In The Way Of Afghan Deal

The U.S. and Afghanistan are mired in an ongoing standoff over a proposed long-term security agreement. Analysts say that part of the reason the two countries can't close the deal is because of a trust and communications gap. Despite 12 years of fighting the Taliban together, the two countries still have trouble understanding each other's politics and interests. And that could result in the U.S. withdrawing all troops by the end of this year.

Weird Stuff World Leaders Give Each Other

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry recently gave Russia's foreign minister a couple of Idaho potatoes. That's just the latest in the pantheon of gifts to world leaders — from camels to bulletproof limos — where, no really, the giver shouldn't have.

India's High Court Rocked By Allegations Of Sexual Harassment

A second allegation in as many months has ramped up calls for the country's Supreme Court to abide by its own 1997 ruling requiring panels in the workplace to hear harassment complaints.

Israeli Minister: Kerry Should 'Win A Nobel Prize And Leave Us In Peace'

The remarks by defense official Moshe Yaalon indicate just how difficult discussions are over a possible Mideast peace deal.

U.K. Aided India In Raid On Sikh Shrine, Documents Suggest

The 1984 raid on the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, killed hundreds in Sikhism's holiest shrine. The revelation has dismayed British Sikh groups and prompted Prime Minister David Cameron to order an inquiry into the claim.

Hundreds Fleeing South Sudan's Fighting Drown In Nile River

At least 200 refugees, mostly women and children, have died in the ferry accident near the northern city of Malakal.

Egyptians Go To Polls With Opposition Largely Silenced

Arrests and other intimidation have kept critics from being able to organize and speak out. The interim government's message: If you're really an Egyptian than you'll vote yes. Opponents say the new constitution further enshrines the military's role in Egyptian life.

Pope Names 19 New Cardinals, Many From Developing World

Pope Francis continues to shake things up this week in the Catholic Church. Renee Montagne talks with John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter about what the new appointments say about the direction the Pope is leading the church.

Secretary Kerry Gives Russian Counterpart Potatoes

At a Paris meeting, Secretary of State John Kerry presented Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov with two Idaho potatoes. Kerry insisted no hidden meaning — just potatoes.

Egyptians Begin Voting On New Draft Charter

Egyptians go to the polls over the next two days to vote on a draft constitution. The military-backed government is pushing for a "yes" vote amid indications that military chief General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi will soon announce his intention to run for the presidency.