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Move Over Hong Kong: The World's Priciest Cities Are In Angola And Chad

A new survey of the most expensive cities in the world puts Luanda and N'djamena at the top. How did these African capitals beat our perennial top dollar towns like Hong Kong and Tokyo?

A Huge New Crater Is Found In Siberia, And The Theories Fly

The crater is estimated at 262 feet wide and is in the northern Siberian area of Yamal, a name The Siberian Times says roughly translates as "the end of the world."

A Dozen People Killed As Typhoon Batters The Philippines

Mass evacuations helped limit the death toll from Rammasun as it passed through densely populated areas. The government was better prepared following a killer storm last fall.

Nepalis Treat This Peace Corps Volunteer Like Justin Bieber

And that's not necessarily a good thing. Our blogger reveals the darkly funny side of being a local celebrity who's trying (and not always succeeding) to improve health, nutrition and income.

Death, Sex And A Glimmer Of Hope: Reporting On Ebola From Sierra Leone

How does a town cope with Ebola? One man tries to honor his mother's burial wishes, despite objections. People are afraid to touch. Despite the gloom, there's a hopeful note: Five patients are cured.

Court Finds Netherlands Liable For 300 Deaths In Srebrenica Massacre

The decision is a victory for only some of the families of the 8,000 men and boys slain in the July 1995 massacre in Bosnia.

Syria's Assad Sworn In For Third 7-Year Presidential Term

He was declared the winner of last month's election, which outside observers labeled a sham. Syria is in the midst of a civil war that has created a massive refugee crisis.
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Corey Stewart Defends Stance On Undocumented Children In Prince William

Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart explains his opposition to a federal agreement that is housing many of the thousands of undocumented children from Central America in his Northern Virginia county.


Israeli Strike On Gaza Beach Reportedly Kills 4 Boys

An Israeli strike has been blamed for the deaths of four boys on a beach in Gaza, one day after a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel failed.

Young Pakistani Activist Urges Nigeria To Do More For Kidnapped Girls

It's been three months since Islamist extremists kidnapped more than 250 schoolgirls in northeastern Nigeria. Education campaigner Malala Yousafzai appealed to the captors to free the girls.