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Years After Tragedy, Norwegian Pop Star Returns To World Stage

Mohamed Abdi Farah's life and career changed when he was caught in a national calamity. Now, he's returning as his country's representative in Eurovision, the Europe-wide singing competition.

From The Streets Of Kiev, A Firsthand Look At the Protests

Police in Kiev continue to try to clear protesters from the streets of the Ukrainian capital, where violence has left both police and demonstrators dead.

Political And Cultural Splinters Are Deep In Ukraine

Protests run deeper than the country's recent turn away from the European Union. Former ambassador Stephen Sestanovich discusses Ukraine's history, long fractured by language, culture and politics.

A Country At A Crossroads, And Kiev Partly In Flames

Clashes between the demonstrators and police renewed in Ukraine on Tuesday, leaving at least 25 dead, and on Wednesday protesters stormed the central post office.

Who's The Momma? Artist Gets Asians Young And Old To Swap Styles

A photographer asked young folks in Asia to swap garb with their older relatives. The project explores the way that cultural and generational divides can be seen.

World's Largest Oyster Is Size Of A Man's Shoe

At nearly 14 inches long, a mammoth mollusk is still alive and growing, says the biologist who found it in Denmark. The oyster is roughly comparable to a size 11 shoe.

4 Things To Know About What's Happening In Ukraine

The big question is about the country's future direction: Will the former Soviet republic move closer to the EU or remain in Russia's orbit?

Jailed Protest Leader Urges Venezuelans To Keep Demonstrating

Leopoldo Lopez tells his supporters they need to keep pressing for new leadership to replace the socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro. The government blames him for clashes in the streets.

Why Can't The Former Soviet Republics Figure Out Democracy?

Ukraine is the latest bloody example of an ex-Soviet republic unable to build a stable political system. Despite more than 20 years of independence, most of these countries still face autocratic rule.

Stromae's Lyrics 'Show A Different Vision Of The World'

Stromae has become a music sensation in Europe with his catchy rhythms and lyrics evoking real-life struggles. He speaks with host Michel Martin about his work and personal story.