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Potential Treatment For Snakebites Leads To A Paralyzing Test

Many people who die of venomous snakebites never make it to a hospital. A San Francisco doctor came up with what he thinks may be a workaround to save those lives. But he had to test it first.

Luxury Watch Store Robbed Days After Riviera Hotel Heist

Two thieves entered the Kronometry shop in Cannes, France, and reportedly threatened staffers with a gun and a hand grenade. Three days earlier, a gunman slipped into the nearby Carlton Intercontinental hotel and made off with $136 million in valuables.

For Saudi Women, New Subway Will Mean More Than A Cool Ride

Work will begin next year in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on what's touted as the world's biggest investment in public transportation. The biggest impact is likely to be social, providing greater independence and affordable transportation options for women — who are forbidden from driving — and the poor.

U.S. Teenager Is Youngest Ever To Pass Britain's Bar Exams

"I was not aware at the time what the average age was," 18-year-old Gabrielle Turnquest says. Turnquest, who has qualified as a barrister, is a native of Windermere, Fla.

Last Person To Get Smallpox Dedicated His Life To Ending Polio

In the 1970s, Ali Maow Maalin, a Somali hospital worker, was the last member of the general public to catch smallpox — worldwide. Once recovered, he worked for years to wipe out polio in Somalia. Maalin, called "an inspiration" by world health leaders, died unexpectedly last week.

Zimbabweans To Cast Ballots In Presidential Race

Zimbabweans go to the polls Wednesday to elect their next president. Many fear a repeat of the 2008 election violence that killed 200 people. President Robert Mugabe is facing opposition leader and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in the vote. Riot police have been deployed in the event of conflict.

Zimbabwean Author On Mugabe's Quest To Hold On To Power

Renee Montagne talks with Zimbabwean author Peter Godwin about Zimbabwe's presidential election and Robert Mugabe's quest to continue his grip on power.

India Clearing The Way For New State

India looks about to acquire a new state, with a decision by the ruling Congress party to support splitting off a number of districts from Andhra Pradesh. The new state of Telangana will be the first formed not on the basis of language or ethnicity, but after claims by many residents that the area has been neglected by central and regional politicians. Many residents believe they will fare better as an independent state, but opponents warn it could lead to widespread demands for statehood from other disaffected regions.

Anti-Gay Riot In Tblisi Tests Balance Between Church, State

Priests of the powerful Georgian Orthodox Church led a recent attack on a group of people protesting against homophobia in Tblisi, Georgia. The incident in May raises questions about human rights and the balance of power between church and state in the religiously conservative former Soviet republic.

E.U. Meeting In Egypt Does Little To Quell Political Crisis

European Union envoy Catherine Ashton completed a round of talks in Cairo with Egyptian officials and opposition leaders including ousted president Mohammed Morsi. Ashton says she will continue her mediation efforts to resolve Egypt's worsening political crisis.