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Conspiracy Or Bureaucratic Neglect In Egypt?

Popular theory holds that after Mohammed Morsi's ouster, the power came back on and gas lines disappeared because Hosni Mubarak's entrenched "deep state" was deliberately undermining Morsi during his term. More likely, Egypt's large and immovable bureaucracy simply wasn't equipped to deal with the new leadership, which too quickly pushed its own agenda rather than a national one. Analysts say Egypt's experience is a lesson to countries around the region that even when you change the leadership, it's much harder to tackle the deep state that remains.

How An Ethiopian Bean Became The Cinderella Of Coffee

Some of the worst-paid farmers in Ethiopia were able to get their bean to the specialty coffee ball and sell to top U.S. roasters like Stumptown. But it only happened after the growers got organized and attracted the attention of coffee prospectors from the U.S.

Examining Jamaica's Homophobia

Jamaica is known for beaches and warm weather, but for many gay and lesbian people living on the island, it's a place of hatred. A new documentary, The Abominable Crime shines a light on homophobia and anti-gay violence in Jamaica.

Missing Lynx? Cat Is On 'Brink Of Extinction,' Study Says

The "world's most endangered feline species," the Iberian lynx, faces continued pressure because its prey is disappearing. Researchers say the cats need to be introduced to parts of the Iberian peninsula that are higher in altitude and latitude.

They Can Hear You Now: The Global Surge In Cellphone Use

The use of landlines is falling everywhere. Many places in Africa have bypassed landlines entirely in favor of mobile phones. People all over the world are increasingly accessing the Internet on their cellphones.

As Cambodian Factories Expand, Conditions Are Criticized

A new report says the industry's rapid growth is partly to blame for worsening working conditions. The U.N. report comes just months after a building collapse in Bangladesh killed more than 1,000 garment factory workers.

20 Really Great Royal Baby Titles For Classy Parents

If you need help naming a royal baby, we're here for you. And we'll be REALLY helpful.

Dozens Killed, Hundreds Injured By Earthquakes In China

The strong temblors also destroyed hundreds of homes in Gansu province. Rescue operations have been complicated by downpours and aftershocks.

Royal Arrival Expected Soon: Kate's In Labor

The Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to a London hospital Monday morning, according to the royal website. The first child of Prince William and the former Kate Middleton is set to be third in line to the throne.

Septuagenarian Superhero? Man Lifts Car Off Son-In-Law

Cecil Stuckless was fixing a Jeep in Salvage, Newfoundland, with his son-in-law, who was working under the vehicle when it suddenly fell. Stuckless, 72, summoned all his strength and lifted the Jeep just enough to save his son-in-law. Asked if he was Superman, he said: "No, I'm not super, I just did what I could do — that's all that's to it."