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Obama, Biden Won't Go To 2014 Olympics, But Gay Athletes Will

LGBT activists are hailing the Obama administration's choice of a delegation to attend the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. It doesn't include the President or Vice President or their wives or even cabinet secretaries. Instead the delegation includes prominent gay athletes. This is seen as a rebuke of Russia's new anti-propaganda law that targets those who are LGBT.

The Great Train Robber, Ronnie Biggs, Dead At 84

Melissa Block talks with Paul Crompton, executive producer at Barge Pole Productions, about train robber Ronnie Biggs, who died Wednesday at 84. Crompton made the film The Great Train Robber's Secret Tapes with former Daily Express reporter Colin MacKenzie, who tracked the robber to Rio after he escaped from prison, and recorded his interviews with him over a period of days.

Fighting Escalates In Syria Ahead Of Peace Conference

The Syrian military is dumping explosives on the city of Aleppo. In recent days, both sides have escalated their campaigns trying to gain ground ahead of an international peace conference scheduled for January. Calls for a cease fire have gone unheeded as the humanitarian crisis within and beyond Syria's borders worsens.

Once-Great English Port Hopes Wind Power Will Mean A Better Future

The Port of Tyne on the northeastern coast of England used to be a world famous harbor where the biggest ships were built. But those industries have collapsed. "Now I think we are not quite sure who we are," says one resident. The port and the shipyards once provided apprenticeships and jobs, but no more. Boys and young men have little prospect of work, and all are hoping that plans for a massive wind farm in the North Sea will come to fruition and revitalize the economy.

U.S. Envoy: Time For Intervention In Central African Republic

Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., says it's a key moment for the international community to "change the calculus" in the Central Africa Republic and prevent further atrocities. The U.S. has authorized up to $100 million to support African Union forces and other material aid.

Kerry Says He Regrets Treatment Of Indian Diplomat In New York

The secretary of state told a top official in New Delhi that a row over the strip-search of a U.S.-based Indian female diplomat should not come between the two countries.

Beijing: Near Miss As U.S. Warship 'Harassed' Chinese Vessel

Chinese state media have said the Dec. 5 incident involved the country's first aircraft carrier, but Defense Ministry officials did not name the warship.

What It Costs To Fill Your Belly In New Delhi

Once an endless bazaar filled with bargains, India is now becoming more expensive. Prices for vegetables, for example, have soared dramatically. From street-stall chaat vendors to fancy haute cuisine, just how far do your dollars stretch in India these days?

Gays In U.S. Olympic Delegation Will Send Message To Russia

Tennis great Billie Jean King and ice hockey medalist Caitlin Cahow will be going to the games. President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will not be. LGBT advocates say the White House has made clear its displeasure with Russian policies toward gays and others.

'Great Train Robber' Ronnie Biggs Dies; Was Famed Fugitive

In 1963, a gang robbed the Glasgow-to-London Royal Mail Train. They got away with millions, but were caught and put in prison. Biggs, though, escaped and spent 36 years living openly in Brazil. The self-styled "lovable rogue" returned to the U.K. in 2001 and spent 8 more years in prison. He was 84.