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Violin Said To Have Been On The Titanic Sells For $1.6M

Bandleader Wallace Hartley is thought to have kept playing the instrument as the ship went down. It was later found, in a leather case, floating among the wreckage.

190-Plus Nations In 23 Years For World's 'Most Traveled' Man

Mike Spencer Bown of Calgary, Canada, wondered if he could see "everything of interest." He believes he's accomplished his mission.

Girl's Deportation Was Mishandled, But Legal, French Say

Fifteen-year-old Leonarda Dibrani is at the center of an emotional debate in France over the country's immigration policies. She and her family have been deported to Kosovo. The way the girl was taken into custody — during a school field trip — has caused controversy in France.

Chinese Edict Against 'Rumors' Puts Popular Bloggers At Risk

A new Chinese rule targets Chinese bloggers whose posts against their government have gone viral. One blogger and editor for the Chinese Wall Street Journal, Li Yuan, talks to host Scott Simon about the increased danger of posting in China.

What The World Thinks Of The Dollar In Light Of Recent Politics

The political instability over funding the U.S. government and raising the debt ceiling could have international financial implications. Host Scott Simon speaks with Matthew Goodman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies about how emerging economies view the dollar after the current debt crisis.

Why Scientists Are Trying Viruses To Beat Back Bacteria

Researchers say naturally occurring viruses that target bacteria might one day help help treat human infections with germs that are resistant to antibiotics. The research is still in the early stages, and there are quite a few challenges to overcome before a treatment can even be tested in humans.

Desperation Outweighs Dangers For Europe-Bound Migrants

The drowning of more than 300 African migrants off Italy's Lampedusa island earlier this month jolted the world into awareness of a long-running crisis. Tens of thousands of refugees from Syria, Somalia and beyond risk their lives each year, traveling by boat to Europe in search of a better life. Scores die en route.

In France, Deportation Of Teenage Girl Ignites Fierce Debate

Leonarda Dibrani, 15, was taken by police during a school field trip and deported along with the rest of her family to Kosovo. French protesters say the action runs counter to the country's values.
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The U.S. And Pakistan

A new Amnesty International report renews the call for greater transparency in the U.S. drone policy in Pakistan and Yemen, saying drones strikes have unlawfully killed civilians, including a 14-year-old boy in one incident. The report comes as Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif meets with President Barack Obama this week. Kojo explores the debate over drones.

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The Future Of Internet Governance

Ongoing fallout from NSA surveillance programs changes the tone of dialogue between U.S. and countries like Brazil at the annual Internet Governance Forum.