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Geminid Meteor Showers Light Up Both Hemispheres

Pieces of gravel and dust from a "rock comet" called 3200 Phaethon are still shooting across the sky, dazzling the Earthlings below.

Gaza Tech Incubator Finds Success In International Crowdfunding

Billions have been pledged to help rebuild Gaza, but little of that money has arrived yet. But a startup accelerator is drawing interest and crowdfunding from around the region and the world.

Japan's Ruling Party Poised For Landslide In Snap Elections

The victory is seen as a mandate for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's economic overhaul plan, even as Japan has fallen back into recession in the second half of 2014.

Nations Salvage Deal To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The deal is the first-ever to require all nations to reduce emissions, but it doesn't include a mechanism to monitor compliance.

Uber's Traffic Jammed In Netherlands, India And Spain

Uber says it's reached 52 countries since its 2010 launch, but our number cruncher Mona Chalabi tells NPR's Rachel Martin the tally is changing as some countries try to ban the ride-sharing service.

Gritty Ganta: The Liberian Town That Can't Catch A Break

Bedraggled Ganta sprawls over red-dirt hills. Buildings destroyed in the civil war have not been rebuilt. And now the border town is suffering again in the battle against Ebola.

Survivor Of Mexican Student Attacks Tells Of Bullet-Riddled Escape

As the investigation into the presumed murder of 43 students in Mexico continues, one student who says he escaped the attacks describes how police surrounded the students' buses and began to fire.

Haunting Sounds At Night, Kids' Puppet Show Clock By Day

A rooster crowing in the dead of night? A sinister ice-cream truck on the streets of Moscow? No, it's the musical automaton clock at the Puppet Theater in Russia.

Mali: 4 Al-Qaida Linked Militants Swapped For French Hostage

Mali's justice minister says Serge Lazarevic, released earlier this week, was freed as part of the deal. But Paris has refused to confirm any such agreement.

A Reason To Respect The Miss World Pageant

They parade in swimsuits. They swan in evening gowns. And they bring global health issues into the spotlight.