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Attacker Made Video Of Himself Before Shooting, Canadian Police Say

Police say they have "persuasive evidence" the shooting at a war memorial and Parliament building was ideologically and politically driven. The video, under analysis, will not be released for now.

On Anniversary Of N.Y. Subway, A Look At Who's Taking New Steps

The gold standard for transit subsidies is about to be taken by Dubai. On its Public Transport Day, Nov. 1, Dubai is giving away an array of prizes, including almost 9 pounds of gold.

Closed McDonald's In Moscow Taken As A Political Message

Russia's takeover of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea this spring was cheered by many Russians — many of whom have always considered Crimea a part of Russia. We'll visit the center of Russian power — Moscow, where a shuttered McDonald's is a visible sign of tensions with the West.

Love Is Saying 'Sari': The Quest To Save A South Asian Tradition

Commentator Sandip Roy says the traditional sari has been falling out of fashion in the new India, but designers are turning to pop art prints and other changes to boost its appeal.

After Shocking Election Season In Brazil, Incumbent President Still Holds Power

Incumbent President Dilma Rousseff won a narrow re-election in Sunday's runoff, a result that reflects the deep political and economic divide in Brazil.

In Crimea, Many Signs Of Russia, Few Of Resistance

Russia's takeover of Crimea extends from the flags over government buildings to passports to the labels on wine bottles. Despite the international criticism, many Crimeans are happy to rejoin Moscow.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff Wins Tight Re-Election Vote

Rouseff will serve a second term as president of Brazil, after a contentious and close campaign.

After The Blackwater Convictions, A Book On Iraq's Nightmarish Reality

This week, four former Blackwater guards were found guilty in connection with a fatal shooting in 2007. Author Brian Castner recommends a book on the toll violence has taken on Iraq.

Many Tunisians Vote In Key Test Of Arab Spring's Legacy

Voter turnout has been reported at around 60 percent of the electorate, as Tunisians cast votes in their country's first full parliamentary election Sunday.

Brazil Picks New President In A Tight Race Of Stark Contrasts

The race has come down to competing visions for the future of Latin America's largest economy, put forth by leftist incumbent Dilma Rousseff and center-right challenger Aecio Neves.