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Thrown Mango Bonks Venezuela's President In The Head

Inscribed on the mango was a message. A woman wanted help finding an apartment. Instead of having her arrested, President Nicolas Maduro rectified her housing problems.

GOP Measure Would Make It Harder For Obama To Empty Guantanamo

One of the president's first promises in office was to shut down the Guantanamo Bay prison camp in Cuba. Congress, however, is trying to shut down the effort to empty the camp of all its inmates.

Searing Memories Of Nazi Germany's First Concentration Camp

It was 70 years ago that U.S. troops liberated Dachau concentration camp. Survivors and U.S. Army veterans are gathering at the site on the outskirts of Munich for a commemoration this weekend.

4 Americans Were Hiking In Nepal When Quake Hit

Among those caught up by Nepal's devastating earthquake, were hundreds of tourists. Those included four hikers from California, who were trapped in a small mountain village.

Nepalis In Worst-Hit Areas Suffer Through Devastating Destruction

In the mountains outside Kathmandu, little aid has reached the victims. About 95 percent of residents there are living outdoors because structures are not safe. Rain has added to their misery.

Obama Confident In Asia Trade Pact, But Track Record For Deals Is Spotty

Following a South Korean trade pact in 2012, the U.S. deficit with that country widened by 80 percent. But some argue that if the U.S. doesn't create trade rules, there won't be any.

Earthquake Jolts Seattle's Nepalese-American Community Into Action

The city boasts one of the largest Nepalese communities. In the aftermath of the disaster, they've organized prayer vigils, collected money for relief efforts and sent medical personnel to the region.

40 Years After The Vietnam War, Families Still Search For Answers

Elaine Zimmer Davis' husband went missing after a fiery plane crash in Vietnam when their son was 2 years old. Now, she and her son — and her new husband — are on a quest to bring home his remains.

Nigerian Military Rescues 200 Girls From Boko Haram

Ninety-three women were also rescued in the operation. The military says it cannot confirm if the girls are the same as the schoolgirls kidnapped last year, but the AP reports they are not.

Graphic Novel About Holocaust 'Maus' Banned In Russia For Its Cover

NPR's Robert Siegel talks with author and illustrator Art Spiegelman about how his book Maus, the very antithesis of Nazi propaganda, was purged from Moscow stores because of a swastika on the cover.