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Is Sony Hack Really 'The Worst' In U.S. History, As CEO Claims?

Sony Pictures is still reeling from the damage caused by the cyberattack. The company's reputation and Americans' free speech were put on the line. But experts dispute how to measure the damage.

Driving Rampages On Pedestrians In France Rattle Nerves

Several people have been injured over the last two days by motorists driving their cars into crowds. The government says the acts were not coordinated and the men aren't terrorists.

We Go Underground To Tour London's Crossrail Project

Crossrail touts itself as the biggest infrastructure project in Europe. It's made up of 10 new train stations and 26 miles of tunnels below London. It's due to open in 2018.

Reporter Offers Free Cab Rides For Stories From 'Streets Of Shanghai'

NPR Shanghai correspondent Frank Langfitt once drove a taxi. He's gone back to his former job, offering free rides around Shanghai in exchange for stories about one of the world's most dynamic cities.

Lengthy, Widespread Internet Outage Reported In North Korea

It comes days after President Obama pledged a "proportional response" to the communist country's alleged hacking of Sony Pictures. It's unclear what caused the outage.

Jailed Cuban Spy's Wife Is Pregnant — With A Little Help From The U.S.

The U.S. helped Gerardo Hernandez and his wife conceive through artificial insemination while he was in prison for spying. Hernandez was released last week as part of a prisoner swap.

Brazilian Politician's Fiery Comments Revives Debate On Free Speech

When a member of Brazil's congress said a female colleague "deserves" to be raped, it set off a national debate about hate speech and congressional immunity.

Former Regime Figure Elected President In Tunisia

Tunisian voters chose a figure from the regime of the ousted dictator for president - opting for slow change rather than risking the chaos that has occurred after uprisings in other countries.

Obama Considers Listing North Korea A 'Sponsor Of Terrorism' After Sony Hack

The Obama administration is weighing options for a response to North Korea's alleged cyber attack on Sony Pictures. The move comes after the FBI said it had evidence the Pyongyang government was involved.

How A Cuban Spy Had A Baby While Imprisoned

Sperm from a member of the Cuban Five was delivered to Havana so the prisoner's wife could be artificially inseminated. Host Audie Cornish speaks with NPR's Scott Horsley about the Senate staffer who made the delivery.