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Scientists Write Letter To Obama Praising Iran Nuclear Deal

NPR's Robert Siegel interviews physicist Richard Garwin, one of the authors of the letter, who says the deal defers Iran's ability to develop a weapon for several years.

Greek Coast Guard Rescues More Than 1,400 Migrants In Aegean Sea

The Greek coast guard says it rescued more than 1,400 migrants trying to cross between Turkey and Greek islands in the Aegean Sea over the last three days. More than 124,000 migrants have made the journey to Greek islands on small boats so far this year.

Tiny French Town Boasts Oldest Working Movie House

La Ciotat is home to the Eden, the world's oldest working movie house. It's been showing movies for 120 years. This story originally aired on May 12, 2015 on Morning Edition.

As Saudi Arabia's Love Of Online Gaming Grows, Developers Bloom

In a conservative country where opportunities for entertainment are limited, online video games give Saudis the chance for some fun. With powerful female characters, they also convey social messages.

New Greek Bailout Deal Looms

Greece and its creditors inch closer to a third bailout agreement. Negotiators hope to reach an accord by Tuesday.

If You Fall Ill Abroad, Should You Seek Local Help Or Head Home?

A guide to global medical care shows which countries are risky (you don't want to have a car accident in Botswana) and where you don't have to worry (care for heart attacks is solid in Sao Paolo).

Ballet Dancer Dies In London Motorbike Accident

38-year-old British dancer Jonathan Ollivier was killed on Sunday, hours before a scheduled performance.
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Europe's Growing Migrant And Refugee Crisis

More than 200,000 migrants and refugees have reached Europe this year. Many are fleeing conflict in the Middle East and North Africa. Diane and her guests discuss the latest on the cross-border crisis and proposals to address it.


Besides Being A Bard, Shakespeare May Have Been A Stoner

Scientists have found cannabis in fragments of several pipes found in William Shakespeare's garden. The clay pipes date to early 1600s, meaning he might have been smoking more than tobacco.

Mexicans Question Whether 'El Chapo' Really Escaped Through Prison Tunnel

Many Mexicans believe Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman walked out the prison's front door. David Greene talks to William Neuman, the Latin America correspondent for The New York Times.