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South Korea's President Will Disband Coast Guard

President Park Geun-hye announced the changes a bit more than one month after the ferry Sewol sank, killing more than 300 people. It also comes as South Korea prepares to hold national elections.

Mosquito-Borne Breaking Bone Disease Spreads In Haiti

Transmitted by mosquitoes, the chikungunya virus causes rash, fever and excruciating joint pain. It has no cure. The good news: It's rarely fatal. Epidemiologists say the virus is headed to the U.S.

Why Education Is The Most Important Revolution Of Our Time

The ways learning happens in the US are shifting rapidly. We're out to capture learning in its natural habitat, from soccer fields to science labs, boardrooms to bedrooms. Welcome to NPR Ed.

Record Floodwaters Wash Across Balkans

The worst rains and flooding in Serbia and Bosnia since record keeping began 120 years ago have killed dozens of people. For more, David Greene talks to the BBC's Guy Delauney.

India's Next Prime Minister Ready To Act On Mandate

With the BJP's surprising victory in India's elections last Friday, the country prepares to swear-in Narendra Modi as the new prime minister this week. Modi and the BJP dominated the Congress party.

South Korea's President Apologizes For Ferry Disaster Response

South Korea's president announced plans to disband the coast guard, which has been criticized for its response to last month's ferry sinking. Renee Montagne talks to journalist Jason Strother.

3 Face Charges In Turkey's Worst Mining Disaster

The operations manager of a mining company is said to be among three people arrested on charges of negligence in last weeks' mining disaster that killed 301 people in Turkey.

Revolution, Fatherhood And 5 Years In The Middle East

From 2008 to 2013, Nathan Deuel and his family lived in the Middle East. His new memoir about his experience is titled Friday Was the Bomb.

In Sea Change Election, Young India Ushers In A New Political Era

Guest host Tess Vigeland checks in with NPR's Julie McCarthy about the elections in India and the country's new prime minister, Narendra Modi.

Nairobi Bombings Are A Sign Of Spreading Militant Influence

A pair of bombs killed at least 10 people in Kenya's capital on Friday. What do these and a slew of other attacks in Kenya say about the security situation in the country and the region?