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In China, Anger At U.S. Hacking Charges — And Claims Of Hypocrisy

Citing U.S. surveillance and wiretapping operations, China says the U.S. has double standards on cybersecurity. The angry response came a day after the U.S. accused five Chinese officials of hacking.

EU Tries A Rap Battle To Encourage Young People To Vote

The rap battle featured members of the European Parliament amid dueling emcees such DeKay. At least one young person was convinced — Dekay herself said she'd vote.

Europe Steps Up Attacks Against Google

European digital companies have brought charges against Google for monopolistic behavior. And a ruling by a European court could force Google to remove certain web links from its search engine.

Bolivia's President Signs To Play Professional Soccer

It's a publicity stunt, but Evo Morales has played before. In 2010, he made headlines against a team of political rivals when he kneed an opposing player in the groin.

Military Declares Martial Law In Thailand

The declaration by Thailand's army happened less than two weeks after the prime minister was thrown out of office by the country's Constitutional Court. The army says it needs to keep order and peace.

U.S. Files Charges Against Chinese Officials Over Cyberspying

The Justice Department is accusing five Chinese government officials of using military and intelligence facilities to steal trade secrets from U.S. companies. China dismissed the charges as "made up."

Malicious Software Probe Reveals Vast Criminal Network

Authorities have charged developers and users of RAT, a software program that makes spying on an individual's computer easy. Users can capture passwords and spy on people through laptop cameras.

Keeping Watch On Ukraine As It Prepares To Elect A President

Hundreds of western observers are headed to Ukraine to monitor Sunday's presidential election. Russia appears content to let the vote go forward without interference.

Pope To Travel To Holy Land With Rabbi And Muslim Leader

Pope Francis will head to the Middle East this week to preach peace and has asked two friends from Argentina to accompany him, Rabbi Abraham Skorka and Islamic studies professor Omar Abboud.

How Russia's Shared Kitchens Helped Shape Soviet Politics

In the Soviet Union's communal kitchens, many families jockeyed for one stove. Apartments were crowded, food was scarce and government informants were everywhere. Still, some found joy and connection.