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Polish See Shades Of 1939 In Russia's Crimea Grab

As one of Ukraine's neighbors and a former Soviet satellite state, Poland is deeply affected by Russia's recent annexation of Crimea. NPR's Scott Simon talks with Polish columnist Konstanty Gebert.

A Tatar's Death Chills Those Who Suffered Under Russia Before

As Russia takes control, the story of Reshat Ametov sends an ominous signal to Crimea's Tatars.

Russia Formalizes Its Takeover Of Crimea

Russian President Vladimir Putin completed the annexation of Crimea, signing legislation to take control the contested province. NPR's Gregory Warner gives NPR's Scott Simon the latest from Simferopol.

More Satellite Images, But Still No Sure Sign Of Missing Jet

Images taken four days ago by a Chinese satellite show something large floating in the same general area of the Indian Ocean as in earlier pictures. But searchers didn't find anything Saturday.

Satellites' Scope And The Search For A Plane

Satellites have focused the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on the southern Indian Ocean. But without results yet, the effort also highlights the technology's limitations.

Declined: Visa, MasterCard Freeze Out Targeted Russian Banks

The U.S.-based credit card companies responded to sanctions imposed on Moscow in the wake of its annexation of Crimea.

Even Turkey's President Evades Its New Twitter Ban

A Turkish court is trying to ban Twitter, setting off condemnation of the government's increasingly heavy hand and prompting Turks to find a workaround for the social media site.

A View On The Torture And Terror Of Egyptian Prisons

Fadi Samir, a Christian, was swept up in Egypt's security crackdown and accused of being an Islamist extremist. The abuse he suffered in jail is common treatment for prisoners now.

Missing Jet Dredges Raw Memories, Sympathy Of Air France Families

Dr. Bernd Gans, the president of the Air France 447 Families Association, discusses an open letter that the group wrote in support of the families of passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

NATO Finds A New Focus In Eastern Europe

Russia's actions in Ukraine have brought NATO's mission into much clearer focus. The military alliance now faces a political crisis in its own backyard, in Eastern Europe and the Baltics.