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Libyan PM Tries To Calm Tensions Over U.S. Raid

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan says the U.S. and Libya can work out differences created by an operation to snatch al-Qaida suspect Abu Anas al-Libi from a street in Tripoli.

Women Who Broke The Rules In Nepal

Portraits by photographer Arantxa Cedillo feature women who broke down barriers, including a former sex slave, an elephant trainer, an Olympic swimmer, and the first female pilot in the country.

Tuesday Morning Political Mix

Large foreign holders of U.S. debt warn Congress and President Obama to get their acts together... White House and Senate Democrats' unified message momentarily appeared less so... Senate Democrats are moving ahead with debt-ceiling legislation that Republicans may filibuster.

Higgs, Englert Win 2013 Nobel Physics Prize

Britain's Peter Higgs and Belgium's Francois Englert won the prize for predicting the existence of the Higgs boson. That's the particle key to explaining why elementary matter has mass. The two will share the $1.25 million prize.

For Now, No War Crimes Charges Against Syrian Regime

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon says Bashar Assad has committed crimes against humanity, given his attacks on civilians. The U.S., Britain and France say a U.N. report on the use of chemical weapons that killed more than a thousand people proves that Assad's regime was responsible. So far, though, only a few voices are calling for war crimes tribunals.

As Afghan Presidential Race Begins, Warlords Are Prominent

Afghanistan hopes to reach an important milestone next spring with its first democratic transfer of power. Many familiar faces are vying for the presidency, including a number of powerful warlords. The race will be more about personalities and power bases than policies and political platforms.

Translating Iranian Dealings, One President At A Time

Diplomatic dealings can get pretty tense — especially when it comes to the U.S. and Iran. So what's it like being in the middle of it all? Host Michel Martin speaks with Banafsheh Kenyoush, who has translated for four Iranian presidents, about bridging the gap between language and cultures.

Former French Leader Sarkozy Is Cleared In Corruption Case

Magistrates have dismissed charges that former French President Nicolas Sarkozy played a role in a campaign finance scandal. The decision may clear the way for a return to politics for Sarkozy.

Raids Project Presidential Power Amid Shutdown's Gridlock

The special forces operations against terrorism targets in Libya and Somalia over the weekend came at a time when President Obama badly needed something to go his way. It's a reminder that counterterrorism is the unusual arena where Obama can decide on a course of action — and execute it.

Five Soldiers Killed As Violent Protests Continue In Egypt

There was more violence in Egypt Monday. Five soldiers were killed near the Suez Canal city of Ismailia. There are also reports of a grenade attack in Cairo and another bombing in the Sinai desert. The violence comes after Sunday's clashes between Islamist protesters and security forces that left more than 50 people dead. Some analysts believe Egypt may be on the cusp of a full-scale insurgency.