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How Russia's Annexation Of Crimea Could Hurt Its Economy

President Vladimir Putin's swift move to annex Crimea has been popular among many Russians. But when it comes to Russia's economy, many analysts think the country's prospects are looking weaker.

In Brussels, Obama Seeks Broader Support For Ukraine

President Obama is visiting the European Union and NATO headquarters in Brussels for talks that will likely be dominated by Russia and Afghanistan.

With Elections Days Away, Suicide Bombs Sow Fear In Kabul

Taliban attacks have rocked some of Kabul's most guarded locations just days before Afghans vote in national elections, generating fear among foreigners and many Afghans connected to the vote.

Egypt's Defense Minister Says He Will Run For President

Field Marshal Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi says that he's resigned his military post and will run for president in July elections.

The Sometimes Tricky Relations Between Popes And Presidents

For decades, U.S. presidents have sought an audience with the pope, and President Obama will have one Thursday. But this wasn't always the case, and often there have been political differences.

Soyuz Misfire Delays Crew Trying To Reach Space Station

One of the engines on a capsule carrying an American and two Russians failed to fire at the right time. That has turned a six-hour journey to the International Space Station into a two-day trip.

Polygamy May Seem Like A Man's Dream, But Kenyan Women Are Not Happy

Kenyan lawmakers recently passed a bill that legalizes polygamy without a wife's consent. Member of Parliament Annah Nyokabi Gathecha explains why she walked out of the voting session.

U.S. And Europe Stand United, 'Russia Stands Alone,' Obama Says

If Russia's leaders "thought the world wouldn't care about their actions in Ukraine, they clearly miscalculated," Obama said after meeting with European Union leaders in Brussels.

'Bishop Of Bling' Gets The Boot

Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst spent millions of dollars on renovations at his residence in Limburg, Germany. On Wednesday, the Vatican accepted his resignation.

More Images, More Possible Debris, But No Sure Sign Of Flight 370

The latest in the search: Authorities say newly analyzed satellite images show 122 objects that might be linked to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.