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U.N. Official Calls For Calm In Afghanistan After Claims Of Election Fraud

Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah claims last weekend's runoff vote was rigged in his opponent's favor. He says he won't recognize the results, which won't be known for a month.

World Cup Stadium In The Amazon Is Nice, But Is It Needed?

The $300 million Arena de Amazonia in Manaus, Brazil, has been one of the focal points for critics who say Brazil should be spending money on things other than a World Cup extravaganza.

ISIS Militants Tap Into 'Certain Rage' In Young Men

It's been another bloody week in Iraq, where the Sunni insurgent group known as ISIS consolidated its control in the north and west of the country. NPR's Arun Rath speaks with Mideast correspondent Deborah Amos about the group's ultimate goals and its appeal.

Egyptian Judge Confirms Death Sentence Of More Than 180

The same judge had originally sentenced 683 people to the death penalty. The defendants, mostly supporters of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, were accused of attacking a police station.

Talks Yield Possible Framework For Iran Nuclear Deal

Pressure is increasing for a deal over limiting Iran's nuclear program in exchange for reduced economic sanctions. Negotiators have one month until the current temporary agreement will expire.

Having An Army Might Be Practical, But It's Not Obligatory

There are currently 23 countries in the world that don't maintain an army, and they seem to get by just fine.

Revelers Greet The Midsummer Sunrise At Stonehenge

New-agers, pagans and modern-day Druids began the longest day of the year with songs, dance and yoga at the ancient stones on Salisbury Plain.

Russia Puts Its Troops On 'Full Combat Alert'

The move is seen as another show of force by Russia as tensions with Ukraine continue to mount. It comes after reports of violence spilling over into the Russian-Ukraine border.

Will U.S. Military Advisers Be Enough To Secure Iraq?

President Obama says he'll send military advisers to Iraq, but not combat forces. NPR's Scott Simon talks to retired Army Col. Derek Harvey about whether that's enough to help regain stability.

Iraq Turmoil Reignites A Decade-Old Debate

NPR's Scott Simon talks with political correspondent Tamara Keith about the reaction to President Obama's decision to send up to 300 military advisers to Iraq.