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In European Elections, Far-Right Parties Enjoy A Day In The Sun

For more details on the European elections, Robert Siegel speaks with Ambassador Ivo Daalder, the president of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and former U.S. permanent representative to NATO.

Obama Sets A Number For U.S. Troop Levels In Afghanistan

President Obama intends to keep a force of 9,800 American troops after the end of 2014. The troops will remain in the country to train Afghan forces and support counterterrorism operations.

Peat Bog The Size Of England Discovered In Congo Republic

The previously undiscovered expanse of ancient, partially decayed vegetation, could cover as much as 80,000 square miles.

Smugglers Thrive On Syria's Chaos, Looting Cultural Treasures

The country's spectacular antiquities are being plundered by rebels, organized criminal groups and desperate civilians. Many items go across the border to Lebanon.

China Turns To Africa For Resources, Jobs And Future Customers

In China's Second Continent, Howard French explores the Chinese presence in 15 African countries. The relationship goes beyond economics: more than a million Chinese citizens have migrated to Africa.

World's Richest People Meet, Muse On How To Spread The Wealth

Attendees at an inclusive capitalism conference in London control $30 trillion in assets. But it's unclear what, if any, financial commitments will come from the conclave on income inequality.

Pakistani Woman Stoned To Death By Family Outside Courtroom

The 25-year-old woman, who was three months pregnant, was bludgeoned to death with bricks after she married someone against her family's will.

How Much Clout Does Pope Francis Have In The Middle East?

The pontiff made a symbolic gesture when he visited the Middle East recently, adding his presence to peace and reconciliation efforts. NPR's Sylvia Poggioli talks more about the visit.

With A Heavy Hand, Chinese Authorities Crack Down On Mourners

After a terror attack in northwestern China, mourners left flowers at the scene and citizens took to social media and called for an evening protest. The government saw this as a threat.

Soldiers Arrest Thai Politician As He Speaks Out Against Coup

A former minister of Thailand's ousted cabinet was detained Tuesday at a news conference. The arrest comes as ousted Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is released.