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In This Turkish Town, Liver (And Olive Oil Wrestling) Are King

Spring in Edirne means the annual Liver Festival, where locals feast on the fried livers of lambs that grazed on nearby plains. It's just the thing to get you through a long day of oil wrestling.

Heated Words, And Mild Relief, In Russia's Response To New Sanctions

Russia reacted angrily to new EU and U.S. sanctions, which were imposed in response to Russian interference in Ukraine. Russia's deputy foreign minister vowed to deliver a "painful" response.

One Day From Elections, Iraq Is Racked By Violence

In Iraq, at least 17 people are dead and dozens wounded after a pair of bombs struck an outdoor market. It's just the latest deadly attack on the eve of Iraq's national parliamentary elections.

In Diplomacy, Obama Aims To 'Hit Singles,' Not Swing For Fences

As President Obama returns from his trip to Asia, he's defending the trip's modest diplomatic accomplishments. He says that, while such efforts may not be sexy, they're better than unforced errors.
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Ethiopian Bloggers Arrested

Six pro-democracy bloggers, all founders of a group known as 'Zone9,' were arrested in Ethiopia last week along with three journalists. We talk to colleagues of the jailed bloggers about the move and the larger political landscape ahead of national elections in 2015.


North Korea Conducts Artillery Drills Near Southern Border

The exercises, while not uncommon, are considered provocative in the immediate wake of President Obama's visit to South Korea.

EU Follows U.S. In Imposing New Sanctions On Russia

The sanctions targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin's "inner circle" drew a response from Moscow, which described them in Cold War terms.
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Thousands Of Iraqis In America Vote In Parliamentary Elections

Local Iraqis and Iraqi-Americans are casting their ballots for the parliamentary elections taking place across the Atlantic that will decide the leadership in their home country.


Iraqis Recall Al-Maliki's Lead In Return To Shiite Dominance

On Wednesday, Iraq will hold the first national election since U.S. troops withdrew in 2011. The front-runner is the party of current Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

How Much Will New U.S. Sanctions Affect Russia?

On Monday, President Obama announced the latest measures aimed at punishing Russia for its links to violence in eastern Ukraine. Russia accuses the U.S. of "Cold War tactics."