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Mall Siege In Kenya Enters Its Third Day

In Nairobi, the military says it has rescued "most" of the remaining people trapped inside the high-end shopping mall. At least 68 people have been killed and 175 injured. The militant group al-Shabab from neighboring Somalia has claimed responsibility.

Got Baguettes? Bakers' Lobby Tells France To Eat More Bread

The French bakers' lobby has launched a campaign to keep bread on people's minds. Their slogan, which is plastered on billboards and inscribed on bread bags, is "Cou cou, tu as pris le pain?" which translates roughly as, "Hi there, did ya pick up the bread?"

Move Over Vodka; Korean Soju's Taking A Shot At America

It's the top-selling spirit in the world, but you've probably never heard of it. That's because Jinro soju does less than 5 percent of its sales in the U.S. Now, they're looking to expand that presence — by a lot. "We want to be in every store," says one marketing manager. "That's our main goal."

Merkel Appears Victorious, But Coalition's Future Uncertain

In Germany Sunday, exit polls show that Chancellor Angela Merkel has won a third term, with her political party getting the most votes. But one of the key members in her ruling coalition appears to have been voted out of parliament, leaving it unclear who Merkel will partner with in her next government.

Kenyan Government Moves To End Deadly Mall Standoff

In Nairobi Sunday night, Kenyan government forces appear to be preparing for a major push to end the standoff in the Westgate Mall. The government says it has cornered the gunmen who stormed the mall Saturday. NPR's Gregory Warner tells host Arun Rath at least 68 people have been killed.

Small Syrian Border Town Magnifies Rift Between Rebel Groups

An al-Qaida offshoot has taken Azaz from Western-backed Free Syrian Army fighters, demonstrating the growing power of jihadists. Azaz, an economic gateway between Syria and Turkey, is now cut off.

Striking Images, Personal Stories Emerge From Kenyan Mall Attack

Survivors' accounts and photographs provide new detail to the chaos that erupted Saturday. Attackers used grenades and guns to begin a standoff in a Nairobi mall that lasted into Sunday.

Suicide Attack Strikes Church In Pakistan; Dozens Dead

Two suicide bombers struck after a service at the All Saints Church in Peshawar, Pakistan, Sunday, killing more than 70 people and wounding more than 120, multiple reports say. The victims are believed to include children.

China's Bo Xilai Is Given Life Sentence For Bribery, Other Crimes

A Chinese court has sentenced Bo Xilai, the former Politburo member who was snared on graft charges, to life in prison. The sentence for offenses that include bribery, embezzlement, and abuse of power completes a shocking fall for Bo, who had been a rising star in China's political system.

Nairobi Mall Attack: Civilians Remain Hostages; Dozens Dead

A standoff that began with a shocking attack at a Kenyan mall Saturday is in its second day, with civilians held hostage by gunmen in the upscale shopping center. The authorities say they have isolated the attackers. Red Cross officials report 68 deaths and at least 200 wounded.