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Post Arab Spring, Where Do Islamist Parties Stand?

Steve Inskeep talks with author Shadi Hamid about his new book, Temptations of Power: Islamists and Illiberal Democracy in a New Middle East.

What 'The Simpsons' Says About Ukraine's Language Divide

Some Ukrainians insist the show is funnier when dubbed in Ukrainian rather than Russian. In the recent crisis in Ukraine, much has been made of the country's language divide.

Latvia's Ex-President: 'We Have To Worry' About Russia

Latvia joined NATO and the European Union a decade ago. Its former president sees these strong ties to the West as vital to maintaining its security and independence.

I'm Darth Vader, And I Approve This Message

Promising that he knows what it takes to rebuild an empire, Darth Vader has declared his candidacy for Ukraine's highest office.

Is The Latest Climate Report Too Much Of A Downer?

One researcher who participated in the latest U.N. report on climate change says the final product is simply too depressing. Others say the somber tone is justified — but that humans can also adapt.

At Indictment, Pakistan's Musharraf Asserts His Innocence

The former president and general is accused of treason. "Is this the way to reward someone for being loyal to the country and for loving the country?" he asked the court.

Russia May Withdraw Some Troops From Near Border With Ukraine

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reports being told by Russian President Vladimir Putin of his plan to pull back some forces. That might reduce some tensions in the region.

In A Former Afghan Hot Spot, The Taliban Are Subdued For Now

The Taliban have threatened to disrupt Afghanistan's presidential election this Saturday. But in some areas where the group once wreaked havoc, the Afghan security forces are now in control.

Japan Must Halt Whaling Program In Antarctic, Court Says

Japan's government had argued that whales were hunted for research purposes. The International Court of Justice said there wasn't enough scientific research to justify killing hundreds of whales.

Two Koreas Exchange Live Fire, Lob Shells Into Sea

There were no casualties reported. None of the artillery shells are thought to have hit land. The exchange began after a rare announcement by the North that it would be conducting a live-fire drill.