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U.S. To Work With Palestinian Unity Government Despite Hamas

The new Palestinian government includes Hamas, which the U.S. says is a terrorist organization. In spite of that, and Israel's objections, the U.S. says it will continue to fund the government.

Texas Air Base Houses Minors Crossing Solo Into U.S.

The government expects as many as 60,000 child immigrants to illegally enter the U.S. alone this year — a tenfold jump in just three years.

Key Areas Retaken, Assad Reasserts Himself Over War-Torn Syria

Despite the civil war, Syria is holding a presidential election on Tuesday. President Bashar Assad is expected to win another seven-year term.

Playtime With Mom Helps Boost Toddlers' Under-Developed Brains

Due to malnourishment, some 200 million toddlers in poor countries have under-developed brains. A study in the journal Science suggests more play time with mom can dramatically reverse the damage.

How Atomic Particles Helped Solve A Wine Fraud Mystery

By testing for radiation, detectives tried to show that wine bottles purportedly from Thomas Jefferson's collection were fake. And with wine fraud rising, authentication is getting more sophisticated.

Coup Attempts And Safaris: The Ups And Downs Of Juan Carlos' Reign

King Juan Carlos announced he would abdicate in favor of his son, sparking a fierce debate over whether he should be allowed to pass on the crown — or if the monarchy should be abolished altogether.

Dozens Of Haitian Migrants Abandoned Near Puerto Rico

Smuggling Haitians has become a big — and deadly — business. In recent days, several groups of migrants have been abandoned by smugglers on uninhabited islands in the Caribbean.

Double Rape, Lynching In India Exposes Caste Fault Lines

The men accused in the girls' murder belong to their area's dominant caste. Protesters and politicians are lashing out at delays and indifference in a case that is creating a political maelstrom.

As Spain's King Steps Down, Protesters Hope He's The Last One

The king of Spain says he is stepping down, ceding the throne to the crown prince. King Juan Carlos has been in ill health, and his popularity has dropped recently after a series of scandals.

Palestinian Split Shows Signs Of Healing, But Israelis Aren't Pleased

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas swore in the cabinet for a unity government joining his Fatah party with Hamas. It resolves a 7-year-old split but also draws condemnation from Israeli leaders.