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Colosseum Gets A Good 2,000-Year Scouring

The Colosseum is getting its first top to bottom cleaning in 2 millennia. The scrub-down began in December and is slated to cost $35 million before its completion in 2016.

Crisis Escalates In Eastern Ukraine

A group of international observers has been detained by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine as Kiev ramps up military operations. NPR's Rachel Martin talks with NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson.

Crowds Jam St. Peter's For Historic Day Of Four Popes

Hundreds of thousands of people filled the Vatican's massive plaza to witness the extraordinary sight of two popes — one reigning and one retired — declaring two of their predecessors as saints.

S. Korea Prime Minister Offers Resignation Over Ferry Sinking

Chung Hong-won also apologized to a country increasingly angry over the handling of the sinking and for lax regulatory enforcement that authorities say contributed to the accident.

Fear For Sherpas' Future Grows With Each Climbing Tragedy

Sherpas have a great reputation as the world's best climbers. But when something goes wrong up in the mountains, it deeply affects the small ethnic group and its communities around the world.

A New Vision For Online Dating: A Profile In Pictures

Yet another digital dating model is on the horizon — one where user profiles are built completely from images. And it's not the kind of photos you might think.

Afghan Election Heads Toward Runoff; Women Cast 36 Percent Of Votes

Preliminary results show Afghanistan's former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah leading the field in a presidential election that saw a relatively high turnout among women voters.

Letter Written Aboard Titanic On Fateful Last Day Sells For $200,000

"The sailors say we have had a wonderful passage up to now," reads the letter from a passenger to her mother. It was sold at auction in England Saturday.

What Russia Might Gain From A Decentralized Ukraine

Moscow is demanding that Kiev's new constitution give so much autonomy to its diverse regions — particularly the Russian-speaking ones — that they could even conduct their own foreign policy.

African Food With A Twist: Dakar Pop-Up Restaurant Raises The Bar

Three chefs in Senegal are helping put West Africa on the culinary map. They move their monthly pop-up restaurant around Dakar, introducing diners to new takes on familiar ingredients like the peanut.