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An Afghan Success Story: Fewer Child Deaths

One of the most dramatic changes in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban is the increase in life expectancy from 45 to 62 years. That gain is almost entirely a function of reductions in child mortality due to the spread of basic health services.

Istanbul's Mega-Projects: Bigger Is Better, Or A 'Crazy Canal'?

Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is pushing hard for the grandiose projects that include a new bridge across the Bosphorus, a massive airport and an ambitious canal. Some Turks are cheering him on, but others worry about how they might change the city.

Glacier Blamed For Berg That Sank Titanic Unleashes More Ice

Jakobshavn, the river of ice in Greenland that produced the infamous berg, has become the fastest-moving major glacier in the world, surging toward the sea at the rate of 150 feet per day. That means its impact on sea level is growing.

Wikipedia Archiving Voices So You'll Always Know How Celebs Sound

Because the sound of someone's voice can draw you to them in a different — and sometimes stronger — way than a photograph, Wikipedia editors are adding voice clips to the biographical entries for famous figures.

Hacker Group Sues German Government Over NSA Spying

The group wants German federal prosecutors to investigate the country's aiding of the U.S. agency's activities. It's the latest fallout from revelations by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

Did London Get An Economic Boost From The 2012 Olympics?

The British government says yes and points to a lengthy report. But economists and other critics say the games rarely if ever produce long-term economic benefits.

As Search Ends, Toll Rises To 27 In Quebec Seniors' Home Fire

Flames tore through the facility last month. It took 10 days for searchers to look through the building, which was encased by ice after firefighters poured water on the blaze. While 27 bodies have been recovered, it's believed that five other people died there. Bone fragments will be tested.

Al-Qaida Says It Has No Ties With One Syrian Rebel Force

In a message posted on jihadist websites, al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri distances the terrorist network from one of the groups fighting in Syria. There have been rebel vs. rebel clashes there.

Musicians Tell Central African Republic It's Time For Peace

Senegalese music star Youssou Ndour, who is Muslim, is joining with a Christian artist from Central African Republic to record a song of peace. The country has been devastated by inter-religious violence. Ndour hopes the song will encourage strong international solidarity, and help to restore peace to the country.

World's Top Diplomats Examine Security Concerns

Many of the world's top diplomats met over the weekend along with defense officials for an annual security conference in Munich, Germany. Top of the agenda were two countries in particular: Ukraine and Iran.