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African Diasporas: Investment and Advocacy Across Borders

As heads of state converge on Washington for the first U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, we examine the role of local diaspora communities on the continent.


Justin Bieber Ringtone Startles Bear

A man fishing in northern Russia was attacked by a bear. But the bear fled when the men's cellphone rang. The ringtone was Bieber's song "Baby."

Afghan Policeman Turns Gun On Colleagues, Killing 7

The latest incident comes just a day after an apparent insider attack killed a U.S. major general and left more than a dozen wounded. All who were injured Tuesday are expected to live.

Summit Focuses Investors On Africa's Energy Opportunities

The U.S., World Bank and private companies are announcing billions of dollars in investment in Africa. President Obama says the U.S. wants to be a good partner with Africa.

Nigeria's Turmoil Fails To Deter Interest From Investors

Tony Elumelu is a Nigerian business mogul and self described Africapitalist. As African Leaders meet in Washington, Elumelu talks to Steve Inskeep about the importance of entrepreneurs to Africa.

As Cease-Fire Holds, Gaza Devastation Can Be Tallied

Israeli forces suffered many more causalities than they did in the last big operation there. But they were dwarfed by casualties in Gaza. The U.N. says most of those who died were civilians.

Islamic State Forces Capture Kurdish Town Near Syrian Border

In Northern Iraq, Kurdish fighters are struggling to hold back the advance of forces from the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. Steve Inskeep talks to Patrick Osgood of the Iraq Oil Report.

During His First Combat Deployment, U.S. General Is Killed

A machine gun attack by a man wearing an Afghan military uniform killed a U.S. 2-star U.S. Army general on Tuesday. Major General Harold Greene was killed at a coalition training facility in Kabul.

Skeptics In Sierra Leone Doubt Ebola Virus Exists

Sierra Leone is at the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak. But many people there don't think the virus is real. Others are so frightened by Ebola that they're afraid to take sick relatives to clinics.

Liberians In America Help Dispel Ebola Myths Back Home

A phone network of families that spans continents is helping get the word out: To protect yourselves from Ebola, don't eat bush meat, get sick loved ones medical treatment and avoid their body fluids.